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Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology Secondly: there are also Christian communities or Christian structures suitable and solid. They have a great fervour of faith and life. Radiate this testimony of the Gospel in its environment, and serve as a commitment in the universal mission. She develops the activity or the pastoral care of the Church. This form of mission, this circumstance in which the Mission of the Church unfolds. We identify what the Christians of late Antiquity and the IV and V centuries, it is announcing that it has been announced, its activity. For a Christian of the century II and III, it was difficult to celebrate the Eucharist publicly. Meet in Council to discuss doctrinal issues. In the 4th century, the reality of the Church changed radically. When in the year 313 with the edict of Milan. It is the Emperor Constantine declared of religious tolerance and freedom for Christianity. A public religion is made. In ad 325 Constantine, in an activisima participation in the Council of Nicaea declares Christianity the official religion of the Empire. It must be clear that the Mission of Christ at this time would go against the Empire. The proposal of Christian life does not fit with the structure of the Empire. Jesus not faced anyone, but his testimony and his truth revealed oppose frontally to the Dios de los Judios, and the structure of the Roman world in which Jews lived. Christians paid the taxes, but not worshipped the emperor. From the year 325, within the identity of being a Christian, we find the identity of being Roman. From the ruling party of Christianity within the Empire, it was a more political, more cultural issue than a personal issue. The meaning of the mission also changes. This happens today in many parts of the world. Those who were born in Europe, or in places cristina millennial tradition, one could say that they are automatically Christian, and rather who lives in Europe and decides to become Islamic converts to.

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