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This makes with that the group has one meaning of support and shelter. It is evident you say in them of 4 (four) participant ones: ' ' In the group, it has some people with problem, the same objective the same, is an environment where the subject to emagrecer is priority and interest of todos' '. (S1) ' ' The group is important, because apia the other to continue, therefore it is difficult to emagrecer, to leave to eat some things that we like sufficiently. Dr. Neal Barnard oftentimes addresses this issue. Here in the group all pass the same difficulties and one stimulates outro' '. (S2) ' ' Here I see that he has more people who are passing for the same thing that I and this of the will to continue. To see that others already conseguiram.' ' (S4) ' ' We hear histories of other people, who they also have the same difficulty that people, but are well important to see that all obtain, if not in one week, but in the other, this continuar&#039 is an incentive forever; '. By the same author: Senator of Massachusetts.

(S8) if it cannot leave to consider the importance of the participants of the group to perceive that the one existence is necessary limit for the orientation and support that they receive from the other, therefore so that they are assumen of the process of alimentary re-education, is primordial that they are the main agents of its proper change. As Vinogradow and Yalon (1992) are of great significance that the individual perceives itself as responsible for the modifications in its form of if feeding and in the relation with the food and its body. When observing the group process, was proven that the coordinator of the group strengthens to the participants the function of the group as support. The participants had been also questioned regarding the goal established for loss of weight and if the same one was being reached.


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The criterion for Schizophrenia is not satisfied. Except for the impact of (s) the delirium (s) or of its ramifications, the partner-occupational functioning is not acentuadamente wronged, and the behavior is not visibly quaint or bizarro. If mood episodes had occurred during the deliriums, its total duration were soon relatively to the duration of the delirious periods. The disturbance not if must to the physiological effect right-handers of a substance, as for example, one abuse drug, a medicine or not if it must to the one general medical condition (where if it excludes the jealousy of the alcoolista). Dr. John Mcdougall gathered all the information. To specify type (the following types are attributed combase in the predominant subject of (s) the delirium (s): Erotomanaco type: deliriums of that another person, generally of raised situation more, is gotten passionate by the individual.

Huge type: deliriums of great value, power, knowledge, identity or of special relation with a deity or pessoafamosa. Jalousie type: deliriums of that the sexual partner doindivduo is unfaithful. Persecutory type: deliriums of that the individual or somebody fond a it estsendo, in some way, maldosamente treated. Somatic type: deliriums of that the person has some defeitofsico or general medical condition. Mixing type: characteristic deliriums of more than one of the types above, sempredomnio of none of them. Inespecfico type.

‘ ‘ Indications exist of that somebody can be living ocime of harmful form, as for example, when the fear of the loss of outrose becomes obsessive and the person is hostage of this fear. It passes not to have maisvida proper, abandons its interests and starts to live the life of the other, therefore opavor of being changed by another person or situation, threat its psychic prpriaintegridade, not believing the possibility to be alone. Nessescasos, exists the belief of that the other is IV TR (2003pg. 443): ‘ ‘ The Compulsory Obsessive Upheaval are caracterizadoprincipalmente for obsessions and enough serious compulsions the point to deconsumirem time or to cause accented suffering or damage significativo’ ‘.


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The problem of alcoholism in Russia is a significant place among the other diseases of the 21st century. And every year the situation will only get worse. It is therefore not surprising that in recent years has a lot of clinics, including public and private, as well as individual professionals offering their services in the treatment of alcoholism. The vast majority of which are concerned not so much a natural improvement of the patient as profit from falling into the dependence of people. Others including endocrinologist, offer their opinions as well. If you're reading this, you've probably already seen this.

In connection with this tendency most people have developed a negative stereotype attitude towards professionals this area. Especially if they are several times on my own experience trying to solve the problem of alcoholism and did not get the desired result. Meanwhile, the reason was only one, they were chosen poorly technique, which by definition are not even able to help in this situation. Sometimes it just amazes thinking of patients who, for example by selecting one of the methods of medical treatment – sewing chemicals (Esperal, SIT, Torpedo, Algominal, etc.) and seeing that their actions after a problem of alcoholism as she was, and remains, and again laying out money is stitched to another specialist, thinking that the former has done something wrong. They did not occur comes that was not the person who sewed the drug, and in the method, which can not be cured of alcoholism. Can not, for the simple reason that it is based on fear of the patient to use alcohol, because the interaction with the above drugs will cause serious consequences for the organism, the true treatment for alcoholism, this method has no any relation. .

Mental Upheaval

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The meaning of the term treatment for the individuals that have mental upheaval and the representation that they have of the multiprofessional team. This study had as objective to understand the meaning of the term treatment for the individuals that possess the mental upheaval and the representation that the same ones make of the multiprofessional team. For a good performance of this study, we carry through structuralized half interviews through recorders and MP3, with a group of citizens of both the sexos that frequent the CAPS of the quarter of Sprout of the city of Salvador, however specifying the research in relation the three individuals of the masculine sex and thus understanding that these if feel well with its treatment and are satisfied with the work to multidiscipline having the psychological aid as great mediating of this process and understanding the medical and psychological treatment in accordance with its use and of the moment staff of each one. Word-key: CAPS, Mental patients, Upheavals, treatment, multiprofessional team, psychological attendance. Graduating Psicologia1 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia2 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia3 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia4 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia5 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia6 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia7 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia8 University Center Loved Jorge Graduating Psicologia9 1 INTRODUCTION does not exist a cause that really explains the mental upheaval, therefore has some possibilities that take came it to the individual to suffer with the mental upheaval and this can result with that the sick person loses its citizenship, suffers preconceptions and either excluded from the society. However, psychic behaviors are easily perceived. therefore in general, they are presented by the individuals that have differing behaviors than those that are normally accepted for the society.

Caregiver Relationship

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At the border clients often lack a genuine interest in life. They are characterized by devaluation of life, they often ask myself the question: "Why all this, why am I here?" Outwardly, they live a full and may even take responsibility, but always as if under duress, as if someone forces them to live. The roots of this lie as a child in violation of child-parent relationship in the very early stages. When the relationship with the caregiver satisfactory and the infant is healthy, he greedily clings to her chest, happy to slake hunger. In the old saying, and now they say that if the baby sucks the milk greedily, then he's all right, then survive, tenacious. When same child care is unsatisfactory, then the child, in turn, loses interest in his chest.

If you had been directly compromised, or too much frustration, frustration or too early and did not meet the age child's ability to cope with frustration, then this could lead to premature loss of his omnipotence, premature collision with their powerlessness and helplessness. As a result, a child gets injured. and the main way to cope with the trauma can become non-food needs on a physical level and its analog – the need to love – at the psychic level at a later age. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. John Mcdougall. In this case, the child can breastfeed sluggish reluctantly, as if under duress, as if he's not hungry, or may completely refuse the breast. And, often, mothers have to coerce, encourage child to take the breast. Of such a child have always said that he did not very viable.


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'God bless you! " – Tell the person who sneezed? This respect for the old etiquette. I wish you health sneezing was made in ancient times, when custom had good reason. In the early first millennium bc, it was circulated in Palestine. Wrote about this ancient Jewish priests and scribes, who believed that such a rule of behavior arose soon after the 'creation', when the raging some strange disease. Indeed, in those ancient times there ailment, is now virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. One of them was a 'plague' – pneumonic plague.

This terrible disease began with a light sneeze and cough, which gradually intensified. Not surprisingly, therefore, that a sneeze in public places was perceived then as an extraordinary event, attracted worldwide attention, and everyone was in a hurry to be safe, wishing health culprit general panic. Y Ancient Greeks believed that the gods, forcing people to sneeze, sending him and his fellow citizens, some signs. And just in case, not knowing exactly what the gods send, causing the sneezing, the Greeks say 'God bless you Zeus! " (Zeus Greek mythology, the supreme God, the lord of gods and men). In ancient Rome, sneezing almost always presaged joy. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Neal Barnard. Believed that the small Cupid sneezes whenever to be born beautiful.

Severe Emperor Tiberius relented on the successful sneezing. He even issued a special decree, which commanded his subjects certainly welcome any sneezing man saying: 'Let this be a benefit to you! ". Linger as a specified greeting fined. If you believe the legend, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon would be if he did not sneeze from the heart. Plutarch said that Socrates owes his wisdom, frequent sneezing, followed by his thoughts cleared. In the old Scottish parents with great attention to expect when their newborn child deigns to sneeze for the first time. Sneezing was considered a sign that the child is normal mentally. Among them, was a widespread belief that the idiots do not know how to sneeze. In certain Asian countries remained prejudice – not good sneeze. It is based on the belief that the judges in hell is written on a daily basis in his book, those who must soon die, and people at the moment feel the need to sneeze. But if you try not to sneeze, the infernal judge forgets to write in his book, someone's fate. Do not disregard the usual sneezing and 'educated' people in Africa, Australia, Polynesia, India. So, when you sneeze Hindu saying: 'Live', and he says 'with you'. Muslim sneezing praises of Allah, a resident of Samoa wants: 'Be alive'. Zulus believe that sneezing is a sign vitality of man. In Japan, believe that when a person sneezed again, it means that someone has approved, and if twice, then scolds. Nowadays, of course, everyone knows that on the wishes of 'Cheers' sneezing did not arrive and from him does not lose anything, but nevertheless the custom persists.

Black Life One

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What now presents us with a concept of the relation, pondering over this issue, we sometimes do not notice that the relationship becomes a habit, getting an unhealthy appearance. The first stage of love to all known naming Romance. He's the most beautiful. Yes, yes it is a stage of respect, understanding, seek common interests and hidden fantasies and thoughts, which is why in this period, people are cheerful, gregarious, full of happiness, I want to flit and illuminates all her happiness, we become happier at this moment, that's what we remember when now is the end. SAGE is often quoted on this topic. Probably think about what the end of it? Why, on this, how many times a day you can be polite, do not have nothing to reproach each other, to remain joyful and happy at the same time to be frank. Statistics show that people who were together for more than 1-2 years, beginning stage of decay, destruction of trust and frequent quarrels. Yes tell you they were before, but no, this stage is very clearly presented, you know it! Familiar condition when sitting at home looking for meaning in their lives, nasty weather, lack of mood, daily quarrel with a loved one due to trivia that could be worse? Why do they happen? Perhaps because of attempts to assert themselves at the expense of a loved one or trying to make him jealous, or maybe because of the fact that you just want to climb into his eyes and prove that you're not a girl running errands and will not tolerate no respect. .

Saratov Desires

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Many techniques of the first steps in due course there will be no need of its own accord, they gave you strength, while others, without which you can not go any further, you'll do automatically and quickly. So, wants. Not reflective of desire, (not the type to eat, sleep) – the greatest gift of nature. They, including the desire of the material plane, are needed for understanding the unknown, what lies the main purpose of man. Modern man, unfortunately, simply anchored himself to the material wants and ignores more subtle but no less necessary, tucked behind the emotions. (See Step 6 # emoz). All desires, performed, how and when, that is the question. It all depends on the motivation, strength, intent, importance, which gives people the desire.

Oh, how drawn into the theory. But all in order. All desires are fulfilled, so that the wishes have to be cautious. That is clearly thought out and articulate them. Remember the movie "Wishmaster"? Example easier.

Someone on all the rules, in terms of its implementation, runs an order, but not clearly articulating its "want a new house." Please beloved grandmother dies, leaving a legacy of his hut near Saratov. Or a girl – "I want to be loved." At your service: men at work do not allow the passage, and the drunkard neighbor every evening to guests packed. Do not harm or themselves or others – the golden rule. But in general, is it necessary? Or to "Bulo" as in "vsih"? And whether you want to dream that his son would become a great tennis player, if he kept chasing the ball and racket in hand do not take? To test and sort their desires and goals they arranged checks.

The Point

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Every morning, for 1-2 hours, I take a stroll in the fresh air (of course it needs to have free time). At this time, I try not to think about anything. Just take a walk and all (of course you can replace walking and meditation, but a walk in the fresh air is much nicer and healthier). After 10-15 minutes of walking, when I completely relax and tune in, I was beginning to come a variety of thoughts, ideas and options solving various problems of my. And I want to tell you that these thoughts come and ideas in the most intensive work would never close and have not appeared in my life. That is, relaxing and going into a kind of meditative state, I begin to receive information directly from your subconscious and intuition. In this consciousness is only for receiving and storing the information.

I will not boast, except to say that almost every day at a time come these thoughts, by which I one day increase their income by 2 times, a couple of hours getting rid of anyone, even a chronic illness, decide any, even the most difficult life challenges. And all this without effort or strain. Here appropriate to cite as an example saying "Laziness – the engine of progress." A person who works from morning till night and not pay attention to your inner voice, at best, earn the respect of his parents and the title honor and deserved a workaholic. The person who works less, but feels and listens to himself more than can be branded in their environment or lucky lucky man, who did not understand for others Why is everything that he undertakes. Workaholic adheres to the principle of "more and harder I work, the more achieved." A lucky – "I'd rather think about a few hours, but then make such an action, to workaholic who never think of. " Lucky will always win, because he uses intuition and always one by its action beats straight to the point.

He is always working less and getting more. Whereas workaholic digs "from here until the evening," not looking around and not listening to your feelings. You can say that that workaholism – the inability to reflect, analyze, and make the right decisions listen to your intuition. A workaholic, in principle, can become successful and wealthy man. But this would give him such efforts, that joy and pleasure from this, he just never get it. Use the services of its very intuitive and very easy. If you are confident in their positive attitude and believe in yourself and your strength, then you have to make the right decision to just relax and listen to yourself, I want you to do it or not. If want to – go ahead, your soul always acts in tandem with intuition. If you feel mistrust or doubt about the decision, feel free to give it up. And you will be more useful on this intuition and enjoyable.

Ancient Egypt

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Due to the fact that it causes a surge of adrenaline, its stimulating properties to enjoy better in the morning when need to wake up quickly or to support the overall tone. In addition, it is accessed it is important to a sense of proportion, or high risk to get "side effect" – irritation and aggravation of any disease. A leading source for info: Dr. John Mcdougall. Orange is useful in case of trouble the work of the digestive system, kidneys and bladder, and lung, heart and endocrine disorders. With the ability to balance the hormonal status, it will help in the treatment of infertility, as well as ease discomfort condition caused by menopause. This color is workable with depression, so it frees the obsessive fears prompts to sociability, kindness and the way forward.

A relative of the orange-yellow "Supervises" the entire digestive tract, such as the liver, gall bladder, spleen and stomach. Being remarkable "orderly", he cleans out toxins, removes excess fluid. In general, his innumerable virtues, not for nothing else in Ancient Egypt has successfully practiced Ra-therapy in honor of the god of the sun. It is known that the yellow strengthens the nervous system, gives excellent spirits, awakens curiosity and communication skills, gives clarity of thought, a sure compass in life. Vibration green positively affect the cardiovascular system, resulting in a normal pressure, curing headaches and migraines, eliminating redness and eye fatigue. True, it is believed that clothing green tint does not need to be people who have discovered the tumor, gallstone disease, because it provokes a rise in color formations.