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Chain Saws

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The rotation of the saw is attached to a motor. Chain saws are designed for cutting of any wood species and is an indispensable tool for professionals and for ordinary townsfolk. mation. The most important technical characteristics of chain saws – the length of the tires, engine power, as well as the shape and size of teeth of the chain. Depending the type of engines at work with power-saw benches used electric chain saws and gasoline (abbreviated chainsaw). Saws work on the engine, placed inside the body. Motor with gear drives action chain blade, located at the outlet of the housing. On the canvas are rotated cutting elements – saw teeth, thanks to which is committed sawing wood.

Electric chain saw combines the properties power tools and chain saws. From the first she had taken eco-friendliness and cleanliness of the second – the possibility of sawing wood quickly and easily. In comparison with the chainsaw electric saw has several advantages: it is universal, electric saw less noisy and easy to maintain, less weight. Learn more at: Dr. Neal Barnard. But the electric chain saws are sensitive to voltage fluctuations, and bind to the power supply limits the radius of its action. Therefore, when working with power-saw benches saws are used for stationary work.

Gasoline chain saw is operated with a two-stroke internal combustion engine running on a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The chain, which is located on rail saws, sawing provides. Professional chainsaw – perhaps the most common form of drinking in logging. They have a high capacity (as a rule, more than 2,5 kW), characterized by a wide range of functionality. Used when working in harsh conditions at high and low temperatures, with any wood. Details can be found by clicking Cambodia or emailing the administrator. This tool can work more than 10 consecutive hours with consistently high performance. These saws are made of durable and wear-resistant materials, and their share in the range 1300-2000 hours. And, of course, is a significant advantage chainsaws – mobility. With a gasoline engine, you can log sawing on a mini sawmill directly at the allotment. But the chainsaws are a number of drawbacks: – it is heavier than electric chain saw – it requires more care than the electric saw. Pros and cons are of each type of drink. and when you consider all the nuances, picking up a saw for cutting wood, your performance will increase significantly. When correctly selected mini-saw sawmill becomes an indispensable assistant and partner.

European Color

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This requires that they use directly over the jobs. 2. Illumination in the area of the immediate environment. Around the region perform visual tasks is a zone of the immediate environment of width 0.5 meters. Further details can be found at Dr. Neal Barnard, an internet resource. In this zone, the illumination must be smaller than in the work, but not less than 200 lux. Perhaps check out James A. Levine, M.D. for more information.

It is necessary to ensure satisfactory distribution of brightness in the field of view. In the area of implementation of the visual task ratio of the minimum and average illuminance should be at least 0.7, and the immediate surrounding area – not less than 0,5. 3. Generalized measure of discomfort. To assess the psychological discomfort we introduce a generalized index of ugr, which is calculated on the rules given in en 12464-1 formula. This figure depends on the parameters of the lamp, the total ambient light and the geometric dimensions of the premises, the provisions regarding lamps primary line of sight.

For most office space consolidated index of discomfort should not exceed 19, for reception rooms – 22, for the archives – 25. 4. The general color rendering index. For all premises with a long presence of people new European regulations require the use of light sources with the general color rendering index Ra is not less than 80. This means that lighting of such facilities is unacceptable use of standard fluorescent lamps in which Ra is not more than 70. Standard linear fluorescent lamps have Ra not more than 70 compact – 80 to 85. Lamps with improved color reproduction are considerably more expensive than standard. Light sources are constructed based LEDs have color rendering index 0.8-0.85. 5. Pulsation of the luminous flux (light). The standards en 12464-1 says that light ripple on the job places the long stay of the people are not allowed. Invisible ripple flux has a negative effect on health and mood of the people, and in the premises causing the so- called a 'strobe effect' that increases the likelihood of injury. Because of this requirement it becomes impossible to use fluorescent lamps with standard electromagnetic ballasts, but the options include lamps by 'split-phase' or the inclusion of adjacent lamps in different phases of the mains. Light sources are constructed on the basis of light-emitting diodes, have no ripple.