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Italian Furniture

This is a shell that is mounted on a special stand and, if necessary, moves up to the client sitting in a chair. Besides the obvious inconvenience to the Neck client (due to non-tilt back to the sink), there are some nuances. By cleaning required special chairs, limiting choices, and the movable mechanism of this model in the use of loose, and Water stains are inevitable. What's new? Changing tastes and fashions, are growing demands on functionality and comfort. Manufacture of furniture does not stand still, constantly being improved. Starting a choice of furniture for its interior, do not take the time to learn new products this year, information on trends and new opportunities. This will not only allow you to be in the subject field, but will equip your salon with the latest fashion anticipate the expectations of artists and clients, and at the same time save money! After all, innovations are often not only design and comfort, but also address current needs and challenges arise every day in the salon. For example, the emergence of seats with removable steering wheel allow the owners of shops to choose light shades of furniture without concern for possible contamination from the paint. In the case of mechanical damage or dirt, they can simply order a new cover favorite color. Replacement takes just a couple of minutes and is easily done yourself. Formerly chair would have to throw it away or put up with his flawed views. This loss in its purest form. And this is not an isolated example of progress in industry. To keep abreast of fashion trends and introduced technology allows an annual exhibition cosmoprof, conducted in Italy. The largest furniture manufacturers introduce their concepts and development. However, to go to Italy is not necessary. Many companies publish detailed and comprehensive reviews of their know-how. So, Maletti offers this year a number of unusual solutions to the problems of everyday practice for salons, published a story about the exhibition on its website including news. Similarly, we can get acquainted with the latest cosmetics, makeup and anything else that concerns the beauty industry. Pitfalls Of course, in one article can not cover all aspects of this question and answer one necessarily entails the following, but no matter how much it was questions and answers, most importantly believe in the success of your business and never rest on our laurels.

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Tues Savings

For those who are accustomed to take your money and do not want to put up with wasteful incandescent lamps, was invented by the so-called compact fluorescent (or energy saving) bulb – CFLs. As in conventional fluorescent lamps, cfl is a discharge tube filled with argon, and ballast (starter). All this construction is seated in a standard cap of diameter 27 or 14 mm (light-EP), which allows threading it into the chuck of any chandelier sconces or lamps. Lamp itself, as its name implies, looks compact and neat. Due to the fact that between the U-shaped (or spiral) and the bulb socket is an electronic starter, the height of the lamp a little more normal. But more often it does not exceed 15-16 cm If the bulb is shining an incandescent tungsten filament in a cfl light formed quite differently. Initially, the lamp appears invisible ultraviolet radiation. Inflicted the same on the inner walls of the flask special substances – phosphor-convert uv into visible light. Until recently, little fluorescent lamps used in living rooms as there were only tubular and gave Cold shadowless light. Today, thanks to the invention of compact lamps and new phosphors will have a wider choice of lamps. Energy-saving lamps with the same color intensity consume 5-6 times less electricity than incandescent bulbs. In other words, the usual 60W corresponds to the brightness of cfl power of 11 Tues Savings of electricity under such a change will be more than 80% In addition, they are much more durable. If the resource lamps incandescent, on average less than 800-1.000 hours, then their energy-saving competition it varies from 6.000 (the cheapest of the samples) to 10.000 or even 15.000 hours. Tips "seasoned" – usually on energy-saving lamps marked their color Temperature: 2.700 K – "warm white" (yellow light similar to incandescent lamps) 4.000 K – "Natural" (the tone is closer to white) 6.400 K – "Daylight" (blue and white) – Fluorescent lamps "do not like "frequent switching on and off. It is desirable that the interval between them was more than two minutes. cfl has a relatively high color rendering index of -85%. But many Chinese manufacturers, this figure does not exceed 45-55%. These lamps is better not to buy, if important to you proper display of color in the interior. – Like all fluorescent lamps, CFLs contain small amounts of mercury. Therefore, this lamp is better throw in the package. – Energy-saving lamps with electronic starter can adjust the dimmer (dimmer). Average prices for compact fluorescent lamps in Kiev Mark Price, uah. Power, W corresponds to the brightness of an incandescent bulb, 9T sram, Germany 54-56 November 1960 osram, Germany 56-60 20100 philips, the Netherlands 22-25 November 1960 philips, Holland 24-26 14 75 lummax, Ukraine, 15-17 November 1960 lummax, Ukraine, 17-20, 20100 volta, Ukraine, 17-20 November 1960 volta, Ukraine 20-22 15 75 Space, China on 19-20 November 1960 Cosmos, China 23-24 20,100 energy saving lamps can be replaced from 6 to 15 ordinary bulbs

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