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Germany Party

Democratic Party expands in Germany and Europe, the Democratic Party (DPD), founded in 2009 in Germany will initiate a cooperation agreement with the EU on the 05.11.2010. This is a logical step in the direction of European policy. In Germany, the DPD is still under construction. Regional councils have been established so far. The establishment of regional associations is already in full swing, so which is established on the 05.12.2010 LV Berlin. The Democratic Party (DPD) will initiate a co-operation with the EUDemocrats for our political work at European level. Through the cooperation between the EU and the DPD of citizens in the EU and the attitude was achieved based on the programmatic agreement in field of democratic participation to the Lisbon Treaty. The dissemination and manifestation of the basic ideas of democracy will be the focus of the political work. Greater accountability of the EU and all its organs is also required and stepped up. The control over the political decisions will by and by the Citizens will be strengthened. Already on the 05.11.2010 held the first meeting between representatives of the EU and the DPD in Frankfurt am Main. This meeting is open to non members. Contact: Democratic Party (DPD) Markus Giersch Niedereschbacher Stadtweg 29 60437 Frankfurt Tel. 0176-28080854

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The Pack Of Ragamuffins Sing Elegies

The defenders of the revolution have the right-of-way in the Iran. A part of Shia culture is deep and repeated mourns the martyrdom of Hosseins. This culture of mourning was politicized in the revolution like so much. A martyr cult was created for the defense of the revolution. The traditional mourning chants were intoned over the centuries by so-called eulogies or Madah. This Madah dominate the masses to whip up the art through the force of their songs, and to stir up. During the Ashura celebrations are active Madahs and bring the faithful in a State that might be called painless, while its self scourgings and blows with swords on the own head and back are common.Ragamuffins are the Mostazafin – needy, who are mostly illiterate, poor and autoritatsglaubig in the Iran. The variety of Bassij gladly take the Mostazafin organization under their wing. There is money for visiting certain ideological courses, as well as benefits and bonuses, that you don’t like to Miss can be. “In the spring of 2010 announced the Bassij Commander Mohammed Reza Naghdi: from now on, anyone considered to be ‘active’ member of the Bassij, on programs such as the ‘ Salehin program ‘ takes part, makes the continued for at least three hours of ideological training and at least 12 hours per month on a Bassij base works.” The Salehin program includes political, ideological and military sequences and connecting to the regime and the Pasdaran. An ‘ active ‘ Member to be unit given the question Bassdschi a larger windfall. This is a desire picture for the future of and also a become reality within the society of Iran. Mounted on a short formula: who is willing to undergo a brainwashing is supplied. It is the dream of a State of that prescribes an ideology formed in narrow lanes that permeates all areas of life, and the army of his supporters – or should one say slaves? -in the handle? Madahs enjoy Narrenfreiheit who support by Madahs and who can be sure of a large Entourage.

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Declaration Of Principles Concerning Human Rights And Democracy In The Sense Of V. L.Ron Hubbard

The Scientology Church reiterated their commitment to the protection of human rights as a necessary component and recognized at an early age a prerequisite for any human community of L. Ron Hubbard, that human rights and democracy for a functioning system of a country are necessary. He also wrote that he look at democracy as the most sensible form of Government and human rights must be realized in fact. Erik Erikson often says this. In terms of L. Ron Hubbard BBs quest decided the Church Council meeting in the Munich-based Scientology Church on April 20, 2008 agreed the Declaration of principles on human rights and democracy. This statement was included in the respective statutes and is mandatory for all German Scientology churches and missions. More details were included in the statute or adapted to make the goals of Scientology religion for everyone to understand. The goal of the Scientology Church is thus the spiritual liberation of the individual. Scientology turns in their proselytizing and the Spreading their doctrine to the individuals with the sole aim of his spiritual salvation and perfection combined with the liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death. This concern for the spiritual survival of humanity begins with the individual and includes also charitable activities, which, in turn, help the individual as a necessary component. Because the first duty is an obligation to help his neighbor. The principle of faith, the creed of the Church assumes that the person is an immortal spiritual being and that therefore all people regardless are created by their race, skin color, and conviction with equal inalienable rights. Achieving spiritual freedom is only possible in a world where human rights are fully respected and lived. In accordance with the above, the founder of Scientology has been the motto out religion – L. Ron Hubbard -: “Human rights must be, not made into a living fact to an idealistic dream.” In the face of the former 60th anniversary of the International Declaration of human rights affirmed the Scientology Church of their commitment to the protection of human rights as a necessary component and a prerequisite for any human community based on the pluralism of religious beliefs, ideas, and cultures. At the same time any misunderstanding should be removed with this Declaration of principles binding for all future. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,

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New Elections On The Island Hiddensee

OVG Greifswald confirms decision to invalidate the municipal elections 2009 – Hiddensee select new the higher administrative Court of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (OVG) has rejected an appeal on the 04.05.2010 and legally confirming the judgment of the administrative court Greifswald by November 17, 2009, Hiddensee’s municipal elections by Summer 2009 are invalid and must be repeated. Eva Andersson-Dubin is open to suggestions. The choice was inter alia been challenged because Mayor Manfred Gau had violated the legal duty of neutrality, and so the choice of citizens may be affected. The Municipal Council of the Office asked West-Rugen appeal against this judgment. The Court however as not sufficiently stated or even not present saw the asserted grounds for an appeal. In the municipality Parliament with 10 seats were in the invalid election 2009 three representative of CDU list, two representatives of the “Freie Wahler Hiddensee” Wahlergemeinschaft (new village) and five representatives of the voters community “Citizens for Hiddensee” selected. At the same time the honorary mayor was elected, and with Manfred a further ‘citizens for Hiddensee’ a mandate received Gau. Read additional details here: Alfred Adler. Gau was a candidate not only for the mayoral election, but also on the list for the Municipal Council. Last but not least as a result, a slight majority of the BfH Group arose because he simply was not his community representative mandate and instead a so-called successor candidate won a seat for the Federal group. This so-called “Mayor group” last but not least stands often in criticism, human entanglements, and economic stagnation on Hiddensee straining the island community in recent years. Now the Hiddenseer be asked again at the ballot box. Is still completely open, whether the majority of the islanders will decide Gau for a change of policy and against the sole claim of the people Mayor, but at least there is the chance that the election this time legally expire. Kay Rahimullah mountain, new Hiddensee Island newspaper

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Chance to improve through qualification. Under most conditions Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City would agree. An increase of self-employed persons with an immigrant background is also in times of financial crisis. the number of this according to the Federal Statistical Office has 582.000 company in 2005. In 2006, total 471.300 companies were newly founded of which 35% on persons with a migration background are due. Learn more about this with Maya Dubin. Overall, the Turkish company alone generated a turnover of 30 billion 2004. For the respective communities are not only the economic aspects of interest, but the companies also have an important role in the integration work. They develop an integration function, because they serve as a meeting place and information exchange. Also the contractor for a successful business with local firms must link up. The importance of Migrantenokonomie will increase significantly in the next few years and start-ups should be facilitated, to further promote the integration of migrants. Integrative benefits of Migrantenokonomie around your town for start-ups to attract the imap Institute performs site analysis and consultations for your municipality and the respective companies to the integrative benefits of sub-contracting. The imap Institute helps enterprises join the economic actors and supports them in the selection of appropriate partners. Because the chances of less qualified and integrated migrants on the German labour market are low, helps the imap Institute for the training and qualification of the work and help in the search for funding. IMAP Institute Wiesdorfer 3rd 51373 Leverkusen Tel.: + 49(0) 214-870-923-0 fax: +49(0) 214-870 923 20

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Clifford Chance

While I agree with the petition by Mrs Schroder, who warns, should not cause that we all women require, you should make a career. We want only a real freedom of choice of the procedure, the way of life for women and men. With regard to way of life: Mrs Schmidt, the former family Minister, power women in an interview told us that the most important for the career of a woman was to have a man who one strengthens the back. Do you think similar to or what is the priority for them? Weber-Rey: I feel this also as Mrs. Schmidt. If I am asked, why to you have it done in a profession that takes so much time, and three children upstairs have, then I say always, because I had the man who unconditionally helped me in my career path. Ever discussions, there was the partnership at Clifford Chance arrayed as they, being a woman? Weber-Rey: Yes, I had to me certainly against the one or the other stereotype, and have at the same time but also support information. I was invited in the partnership when I was pregnant with their second child. The firm therefore had the security that I clearly came with a child and believe it me also with two to. I then stop later also received the third child. I was also not the first woman as a partner. I was just the first pregnant partner with small children. Well, with young children which is also not so easy. Weber-Rey: Yes, simply did not. But it was also funny aspects: shortly before the birth of my second child, I had quite a few meetings. As clients called and learned that I had been given a child, immediately after the birth they were completely amazed. You have not perceived it, although my pregnancy was not overlooked.

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