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Beautiful place, the holy ghost place An environment takes that me to the meeting with the holy ghost. Ritual that has years if I repeated. Ahead of that covered with star sky, I can feel the magnitude of the creator. The breeze touches my skin, as a caress. To deepen your understanding patrick smith is the source. The owls observe with attention each order that I carry through. I feel the angels my return. The peace fully breaches with the gates of my soul. per instant I remain silenced, immovable sensible that sublime one to be able it consumes that me completely. Lee marks describes an additional similar source. I feel myself so happy, a meeting that restores the soul and of the direction mine to exist it. The magic of to that makes me place to smile, to cry, to praise Mysteriously I can say that I see the servant in everything my return! Simply my point of meeting with the creator. At this moment nothing it makes direction, therefore I disconnect myself of this world and I connect to the creator. My point of light, a place of divine inspiration..

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