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And Living With GM Floor Saw GmbH

Housing that is also live and thus we humans live with all your senses, we need a Habitat which gives us comfort. Housing that is also live and thus we humans live with all your senses, we need a Habitat which gives us comfort. For more than 25 years, the company GM floor saw technology GmBH in Henstedt-Ulzburg near Hamburg gives this essential aspect attention when people say that we are living then sounds that often banal. Because too often we don’t really take advantage of our lives and probably the statement that we work would fit better. We people live or work every day. Work, stress, hectic, family – all these are events of life that call us and request a certain routine. Like we certainly concentrate these numerous tasks of life, but we live here or work we only? Surely, this is a legitimate question, which arises in our living room. We live in it or we live only? Life in your own four walls is feel good with all your senses, enjoy beautiful objects or in other words, just like coming home. Our living room must be an oasis where we can relax, where our body undergoes a regeneration and where we can just be ourselves. Many people may not know and for this a living room is just a roof over their heads. This is a shame and it doesn’t have to be. GM floor saw Technology GmbH is a traditional company near Hamburg, that since more than a quarter century ensures that people live in their living room. The likeable company GM floor saw technology has specialised in namely, to install flexible joints in living quarters, sanitary facilities as well as outdoor and gives the feel-good effect so that the customers from all regions of Germany. Because elastic joints take an essential task just in living quarters but also in outdoor areas and they can be described as the small helpers, which transform a living room to the oasis of well-being. So is the task of the ones that this seal, insulate elastic joints, protect and serve also an optical aspect. Avoid elastic joints as GM floor saw GmbH offers technical competence, help to create, for example, a pleasant indoor climate in which insulate Windows from moisture or too cold feed. Also ensure elastic joints, for example, with kitchenettes, ensure that no moisture between masonry and countertop can enter. To protect against mold, or serious damage to furniture. For floor coverings, however, provide for a sound absorbing subflooring elastic joints and conjure up a clean conclusion between surface and adjacent masonry. Elastic joints are therefore true all-rounders and are essential necessary for a decent home.

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Second Generation

In particular, many experiences and wishes of our clients have been incorporated House of second-generation construction with the special plus of service in addition to their own demands of the company K.O.M. concept on modern and cost-conscious construction, in the concept of the new K.O.M.. As already reported, the House passed the back ready to feed, no costs are incurred, and many loving details like wardrobes, vacuum cleaning system, drink bar and wine fridge in the complete fitted kitchen or the wellness facilities include a bathroom as well as the solar flat plate collector to the hot water or the air-water heat pump, modern and efficient in the KfW 70 standard. But in addition to the actual House offer a comprehensive and competent support is extremely important many builders during the construction phase. Regardless of the construction management, K.O.M. provides optionally a personal assistant of the construction concept with the House of the second generation on customer’s request. That is until now new and unique in the construction industry. Here, the customer has its own Secretary”construction, which takes care of everything around the House building. Many issues and problems, for example when it comes to the actions of the public development support, or also to the construction coordination, be removed so the builders in simple manner. The personal assistant of the building just as reliably done the cumbersome official channels, queries the local public utilities if necessary or clarifies financial matters such as building status reports and evidence of building stand for the customers. This professional service saves much time and gray hair the builders, he can delegate all the things he will be facing as a rule for the first time, his expert advisor. The House of the second generation is also strictly limited second generation with all its Extras is however not unlimited available. As with the House of the first generation, the company K.O.M. concept here continues its successful line and limited offer according to the regions and provinces. Only in this way it is ensure that all our customers the best price-performance ratio with the maximum customer benefit, with consistently high quality in construction and in the service, is available. 30 of these houses available there per region from January 1, 2011 until 31 December 2011 maximum. Only who reserved in a timely manner, is can be recorded also guaranteed in the circle of the selected building fans, because the actual sale ends on July 31, 2011.

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Fraunhofer Study For PCI Nanofug Premium

On the sample provided two clear advantages of the new variable Flexfugenmortels PCI Nanofug premium, the processors convince generous processing time and fast the binding behavior. They are connected with practical features for the client as low maintenance effort and resistance against acidic cleaner. Special plus: the formulation and the material conditional alkalinity protects the joint attack by certain fungi and bacteria. Now the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and biotechnology confirmed the so-called protection effect. Our tests have shown that PCI Nanofug premium inhibits the development of certain microorganisms in sufficient exposure and duration”, reported Dr. Iris trick. Tested in the lab In February of this year the Fraunhofer has effect of PCI Nanofug premium on the sample provided the protection Institute and confirmed. In addition to the natural alkalinity, which exhibit all cementitious products, the Flexfugenmortel by the addition of a titanium dioxide commodity protects against the infestation of Mold and bacteria. Because the special Crystal structure of this additive accelerates the photocatalysis with the help of light and water the chemical decomposition of organic substances. The effect on each a bacteria and a fungus that often occur in damp rooms tested”, explains trick. For testing, sample illumination and served areas were compared. “With impressive results: the bacteria nor the mold are detectable on the exposed PCI Nanofug premium inspection bodies.” Therefore, it is assumed that the selected test organisms on the material of the PCI Nanofug premium formulation do not breed. In practice proven just the preferred areas of PCI Nanofug premium, the bathroom and the kitchen, benefit from the positive properties of the mortar: for hygiene at the top is very sensitive and vulnerable areas. A joint with a fine, functional surface, which can be easily cleaned, is right here. In PCI Nanofug Premium is successful the combination of fine surface quality with the special combination of selected additives us”, says Martin ubelaker, PCI product manager tiling. This a visually high-quality, color-brilliant joint with functional surface properties formed.” These are the be-all and end-all of the consumer: the easy to clean effect facilitates cleaning. While the premium grout scores at the same time with an increased resistance to acidic household cleaner. As with the surface properties convinced the processors shines PCI Nanofug premium with the processing profile. So, the material combines the advantages of normal – and schnellabbindenen grouts. This means in practice: the Tiler has a comfortable window of time approximately 40 minutes to bring the mixed mortar in the joints. This, after two hours, the then area is again accessible. This saves you time and I can continue to work quickly. Especially in small areas, for example in the bathroom, that is an advantage. And I must not abandon the comfort in the processing still in,”Robert Steindl, Fliesenlegermeister, summarizes. For fine porcelain stoneware surfaces, PCI Nanofug premium is therefore first choice because the mortar soon receives a sufficient strength. The profile of the variable Flexfugenmortels is rounded off by a high abrasion resistance (13888 CG2 WA DIN) and very low emission values. So the EC 1 plus license makes sure that PCI Nanofug Premium provides maximum protection against space charges and thus protects the health of the inhabitants. Contact: Elke Tairan PCI Augsburg GmbH Piccard str. 11 86159 Augsburg Tel.: + 49 (821) 5901-687 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail:

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