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Although in certain patients the discomfort translates into an intense buzz, in others it does so under the guise of a faint hissing sound. But rather than be acute or grave, or with certain periods of alternating this discomfort becomes unbearable. Those who suffer from tinnitus or tinnitus, as this hearing disturbance, which became ’em a very common reason for consultation in these days, is called relate that they perceive noise in left ear. Common consequence of hearing overexposure that we live every day, shows us also not always we provide them care and attention that our ears require. Although most of the patients who consult are adults or older, are becoming visible to young people also performed consultations in reference to this discomfort. The various causes that can cause this disorder is due to multiple factors. From usual plugs by wax buildup, until the emergence of infections or lesions on the ear, that often are accompanied by decreases hearing of great significance. Against the appearance of noise in left ear, most successful is a consultation immediately to the Otolaryngologist, who should be oriented, so it can reach to determine the causes of the trouble. Medical checkups enable rule out lesions or pathologies in the ear, and from them can establish which are the most appropriate treatments, according to the particular traits that each case presented. In many cases patients with mild discomfort, simple exercises or relaxation techniques, manage to ensure a greater tolerance to noise. Thus they begin to minimize the inconvenience and you will get quickly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from tinnitus or tinnitus. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

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