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The Interior

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The man dies to each breath, each attachment, each escape, each loss, each day when he sleeps, to each belief of that he opens hand. 3,1 PHYSICAL DIMENSION Starts in the conception and goes until the six months of age, phase of the development where all the register is sensorial. The objective of this period is to grow with health and security. The fear of this phase, thus, is of damages that can threaten the physical life. 3,2 EMOTIONAL DIMENSION Is as period of training of the human development, goes of the six months to the six years. The intention of this phase is to become related, to love and to be loved. Checking article sources yields James A. Levine, M.D. as a relevant resource throughout. The basic fear of this phase is the abandonment and the rejection. Credit: fracking facts-2011. 3,3 INTELLECTUAL DIMENSION Period of training of the development understood between the six years and the adolescence, where the man searchs the improvement of the thought and the rationality.

The intention of this phase is to exactly understand itself and to the world. The characteristic fear of this phase is, therefore, the fear of the stranger, the abysmal one and the unquestioned one. 3,4 DIMENSION SPIRITUAL Period of training of the development that has beginning in the adolescence and continues until moments before the physical death. The objective of this phase engloba the will if to know to hear the interior voice, despite many times in some levels of unconsciousness, with the intention to reach the unit. Thus, fear of this phase is to submit itself. The man faces the submission as humilhao, weakness and loss.

Man is not necessary to wait the proximity of the physical death to enter it in contact with these fears. Death and life start to be an only aspect, one continuum, when the human being is an entire being, I join. 4. MODALITIES the biggest abrangncia of information on the death has brought to the general population and also it enters the health professionals, a confusion related to the terms technician that englobam the abbreviation of the life and suspension of the medical treatments (Pear tree et al, 2oo8).

Caregiver Relationship

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At the border clients often lack a genuine interest in life. They are characterized by devaluation of life, they often ask myself the question: "Why all this, why am I here?" Outwardly, they live a full and may even take responsibility, but always as if under duress, as if someone forces them to live. The roots of this lie as a child in violation of child-parent relationship in the very early stages. When the relationship with the caregiver satisfactory and the infant is healthy, he greedily clings to her chest, happy to slake hunger. In the old saying, and now they say that if the baby sucks the milk greedily, then he's all right, then survive, tenacious. When same child care is unsatisfactory, then the child, in turn, loses interest in his chest.

If you had been directly compromised, or too much frustration, frustration or too early and did not meet the age child's ability to cope with frustration, then this could lead to premature loss of his omnipotence, premature collision with their powerlessness and helplessness. As a result, a child gets injured. and the main way to cope with the trauma can become non-food needs on a physical level and its analog – the need to love – at the psychic level at a later age. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. John Mcdougall. In this case, the child can breastfeed sluggish reluctantly, as if under duress, as if he's not hungry, or may completely refuse the breast. And, often, mothers have to coerce, encourage child to take the breast. Of such a child have always said that he did not very viable.


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'God bless you! " – Tell the person who sneezed? This respect for the old etiquette. I wish you health sneezing was made in ancient times, when custom had good reason. In the early first millennium bc, it was circulated in Palestine. Wrote about this ancient Jewish priests and scribes, who believed that such a rule of behavior arose soon after the 'creation', when the raging some strange disease. Indeed, in those ancient times there ailment, is now virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. One of them was a 'plague' – pneumonic plague.

This terrible disease began with a light sneeze and cough, which gradually intensified. Not surprisingly, therefore, that a sneeze in public places was perceived then as an extraordinary event, attracted worldwide attention, and everyone was in a hurry to be safe, wishing health culprit general panic. Y Ancient Greeks believed that the gods, forcing people to sneeze, sending him and his fellow citizens, some signs. And just in case, not knowing exactly what the gods send, causing the sneezing, the Greeks say 'God bless you Zeus! " (Zeus Greek mythology, the supreme God, the lord of gods and men). In ancient Rome, sneezing almost always presaged joy. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Neal Barnard. Believed that the small Cupid sneezes whenever to be born beautiful.

Severe Emperor Tiberius relented on the successful sneezing. He even issued a special decree, which commanded his subjects certainly welcome any sneezing man saying: 'Let this be a benefit to you! ". Linger as a specified greeting fined. If you believe the legend, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon would be if he did not sneeze from the heart. Plutarch said that Socrates owes his wisdom, frequent sneezing, followed by his thoughts cleared. In the old Scottish parents with great attention to expect when their newborn child deigns to sneeze for the first time. Sneezing was considered a sign that the child is normal mentally. Among them, was a widespread belief that the idiots do not know how to sneeze. In certain Asian countries remained prejudice – not good sneeze. It is based on the belief that the judges in hell is written on a daily basis in his book, those who must soon die, and people at the moment feel the need to sneeze. But if you try not to sneeze, the infernal judge forgets to write in his book, someone's fate. Do not disregard the usual sneezing and 'educated' people in Africa, Australia, Polynesia, India. So, when you sneeze Hindu saying: 'Live', and he says 'with you'. Muslim sneezing praises of Allah, a resident of Samoa wants: 'Be alive'. Zulus believe that sneezing is a sign vitality of man. In Japan, believe that when a person sneezed again, it means that someone has approved, and if twice, then scolds. Nowadays, of course, everyone knows that on the wishes of 'Cheers' sneezing did not arrive and from him does not lose anything, but nevertheless the custom persists.

Black Life One

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What now presents us with a concept of the relation, pondering over this issue, we sometimes do not notice that the relationship becomes a habit, getting an unhealthy appearance. The first stage of love to all known naming Romance. He's the most beautiful. Yes, yes it is a stage of respect, understanding, seek common interests and hidden fantasies and thoughts, which is why in this period, people are cheerful, gregarious, full of happiness, I want to flit and illuminates all her happiness, we become happier at this moment, that's what we remember when now is the end. SAGE is often quoted on this topic. Probably think about what the end of it? Why, on this, how many times a day you can be polite, do not have nothing to reproach each other, to remain joyful and happy at the same time to be frank. Statistics show that people who were together for more than 1-2 years, beginning stage of decay, destruction of trust and frequent quarrels. Yes tell you they were before, but no, this stage is very clearly presented, you know it! Familiar condition when sitting at home looking for meaning in their lives, nasty weather, lack of mood, daily quarrel with a loved one due to trivia that could be worse? Why do they happen? Perhaps because of attempts to assert themselves at the expense of a loved one or trying to make him jealous, or maybe because of the fact that you just want to climb into his eyes and prove that you're not a girl running errands and will not tolerate no respect. .

Functions Effect

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Mental health problems, sexual problems, health problems – you know the list and the list. And they occur as a result of of retribution, and with the dual setback and with retroactive effect. Influencing the will of another person, influencing his life, affecting his destiny you must realize that there is back the right to influence your destiny and your life. And if you cherish her that it is worth considering, and whether any other ways to get what you want. Punishment, or a problem that occurs in the life of the magician – the result of his mistakes. You can blame anybody, but this does not prevent what has already happened. Opposite effect last thing we discuss in this chapter. A related site: Bristol-Myers Squibb mentions similar findings. Sometimes the opposite effect is called revenge, but this definition is the fraction of wrong, that is wrong.

We return to favorite example. Love spell. Magician eliminate its effects and, due to the principle author of the rollback got back his energy. And because the action of subordination nature, life, in the manifestation of the effect of this action will cause him to obey, not to their liking and with which he disagrees. But this is part of the question. The second part – the reward, which also comes as myself love spell, dependence, which he formed, changed the destiny of man.

Consequently, it should happen that something that change the fate of the author's love spell. The question is when? This happens when a wave of reverse action to the full impact on humans. But it can happen in a year, and after 10 years. And then the person is ready to take the functions of arbiter fate for themselves. Is he right? The question is not simple, because in society it is normal. After all, punish criminals, forming a mechanism of punishment for the act. By resorting to this mechanism, and mages, seeking faster return the offender all that he has to carry. I will not talk about who and what is right, since it can cause a lot of arguments for and against. Let me just say one thing. Revenge of the man-made, whatever it was, and unlike retribution, which follows from the universe, this kind of pathetic. But the choice is always a man. It is only necessary to understand that revenge – no justification and no argument, but only a human desire, which is considering a law the universe just as well as the primary message. Concluding the discussion of principles, which are present in magic, and in the world, can only encourage you more carefully and thoughtfully apply to committed actions and deeds. Do not "jump", do not be afraid, but be cautious and prudent in all senses of the word.


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Alcibades intends to be council member of the subjects of State, but Scrates shows to the proper Alcibades its ignorance in relation they, and the necessity of virtues for such. It initiates it through the dialectic and shows it importance of professors as people capable to teach for knowing in contrast what they teach, therefore, vulgo, would not have this condition to teach, therefore he does not know. Through the personal manifestations of Alcibades, answering the questions proposals for Scrates and its maiutica, also are disclosed its ignorance in relation what it is just and unjust, discrediting it as council member. Scrates explains that knowing the subject we can convert a person, or an assembly, will only change the number, but the important one is to know the subject, without which one is not become nor, nor ten. For more specific information, check out Dr. John Mcdougall. Alcibades answers contradictorily for being unaware of the subjects debated, whereas if it was asked to it if it has one or two eyes would know, without titubear neither nor to contradict itself.

Scrates calls the attention for the perigos the swaggerer, who in them keeps ignorants and dependents of the others, and, therefore, of the importance of the humildade, of I only know that nothing I know Socrtico. We will only be able to take care of of we ourselves knowing us through the knowledge of our essence, that is the soul. As well as the doctor it knows the medicine, and the body the gymnastics professor, only knows itself exactly who if it dedicates the proper soul, and these only can be wise. Scrates then declares that it would not exactly abandon it with passing of the years, with the extinction of the body, but it loved that it because of its essence, of its soul. The exercise of itself, that it consists of the exercise of the knowledge and the reflection, coming back us toward we ourselves, our soul.