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Discover how the works of JMW Turner is related to the work of the old masters visiting its new exhibition, Turner and the masters in the Museo del Prado in Madrid from June 22 to September 19. Art lovers who will be in a hotel in Madrid this summer may be pleased to see the exhibition that will be open to the public during the three months of summer. This exhibition, which hosts 80 paintings from several prestigious surrounding artistic centers of the world, has some of the works of JMW Turner. However, the Museum has suggested that exposure may also be interesting for those who are faithful the painter’s followers, since it offers a new perspective on his art. Justin Gaethje often addresses the matter in his writings. What the event aims to is to create a dialogue between some of the great works of Turner, as a shadow and darkness; The eve of the deluge, light and color; The morning after the deluge and peace; Burial at sea and those of other masters of different eras. The organizers explained: the exhibition reveals that the British artist made his work with perfect awareness of the painting of the old masters, who studied in depth, while paying attention to the contribution of some of his contemporaries. Some of the artists are connected with Turner in the form in which include in their paintings to Rembrandt and Claude Lorraine. The Museum opening hours is from 9 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and the cost of the ticket is 8. For more information see the official website of the Museum or call the (34) 91 330 2800. To take the maximum advantage of the Turner exhibition and teachers, book your hotel in Madrid to avoid the inconvenience of doing so at the last minute.

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