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A Crumb Yours

A crumb yours me is more than enough by Mr. Alarcon Serafin 7: 26-29 26 the woman was a Greek, sirofenicia of nation; And I begged you take out his daughter to the devil. 27 But Jesus said to him; First let the children, bgates is because it is not well take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs. 28 Answered it and told him; Yes, Lord; But even the dogs under the table, eat of the crumbs of the children. 29. Then said: by this word, see; The demon has left your daughter. This is one of the few stories where Christ shows apparent indifference to the pain of another person. The story relates that a mother of nation pagan had a daughter who was possessed by a demon she is close to Christ asking you to intercede for her daughter, who assist him in that serious need and the initial response of the Lord was unsuspected. Nobody expected such coldness on his part. His words show hardness to tell him that I wasn’t well give you the blessing of children, in this case the Jewish people to it who was nationality sirofenicia. Of soon we have a Jesus nearly to the shape of the Pharisees. Little I miss you to metaphor simile converted to use the image of a dog. That tough response, one too unexpected. And so is life so every day our daily opens. There are commonly pages scented by the discouraged, the disappointment and disenchantment. Then, without giving us account floods being of low self-esteem because we expected someone something that never occurred. From our parents, our wife, of children, of the neighbor, boss, grandmother of so many and yet then we say to ourselves: nobody wants to listen, nobody understands me! And the avalanche of self-pity unfolds as unfolds a paper roll to wrap gifts. But, that Christ doesn’t want me to hear that can not be! We would say. God if you want to listen to us and indeed listening to us, attends and above all understand us. In the case of women sirofenicia their apparent apathy was only first impression. However, that woman her response surprised to the Lord when he said to him: Yes, Lord; But even the dogs under the table, eat of the crumbs of the children. We surprise to Christ with a response of such a nature, let us have faith even though we still don’t answer the Lord. And tell him just like this woman: Lord, a crumb yours me is more than enough. A crumb of Christ, a simple mustard seed, an affirmative gaze of Jesus will make a difference, that I am sure. Don’t ever lose faith and persevere. I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Fil 4.13 original author and source of the article.

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