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Feeling Connected Through Work

So, many dissatisfied workers live in a foreign culture led, which themselves are isolated, disconnected from themselves, no sense of their own intuitions and feelings and "wants and real needs. "Thus, leading to dissatisfaction. It is not the" work ". Thus, in our current workplace culture, many people are driving themselves to their own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical "seekers, new cars, eat fat free foods, watching plasma TVs, etc, all the while bemoaning the reality of increased stress, decreased productivity in an environment polluted by our industry. Therefore, leading to dissatisfaction. Not "work." It would be curious to know if many of these people unsatisfied, in fact, be satisfied if they lived a life in which their work will fit like a skin-tight suit, if your out your purpose in life, if their work were those who were. What, in this country, is a relentless struggle for many to "be somebody" at the expense of others who are "nobodies," many have lost sight of the truth and the actual values that support a mental, emotional, spiritual the physical and welfare, especially in the workplace. Therefore, leading to dissatisfaction. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Not "work." So many are sacrificing their health, at all levels, in order to be counted among the "have" people. Why? The so-called "happiness"? In the January 17, 2005 special issue of Time magazine, referring to the experience of someone that no one as "reference anxiety", ie, "keeping up with the Joneses", constantly comparing yourself and stuff one "with another person and much of this takes place in our work environments and is characteristic of many of our cultures, workplace ..

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