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It is possible that you from time to time repair in an overdose of chipses or tortilla pieces, but: Consider you an addict one to the food? The answer is important, because it could be the key to determine what course of action must take to lower of weight. A number of medical experts says that the addiction to the food is as serious as the nicotine or the addiction to the cocaine. When you suffer of addiction to the food, she in particular has an enormous desire of a food. Desire is so strong, in fact, that if you are incapable to consume that food, it suffers of abstinence symptoms such as headaches, nauseas and depression. Addict to the food they yearn for the comfort that a food in particular provides to them. Its anxiety by foods can as much be physical as psychological. It is possible to indicate that there are several forms of addiction to the food. For example, an excess exists to eat compulsively, where an individual continues with food stuffings that can last several days. The addict one sometimes can lose weight, but it tends to gain that lost weight once again. The symptoms include to eat quickly, to eat compulsively only, and to eat when there is no hunger evidence. Nevertheless, another form of addiction is bulimia, in which an individual eats in excess, then purge, or by vomit or taking also laxative. The signs of this condition include the isolation when eating, trying to consume great portions of fast food being worried with their own weight. addiction to the food also can come in the form of anorexy, where an individual tries to be made suffer starvation to reach a weight little realistic. The anexoric ones tend to be 15 percent below its normal weight, and they have a phobia to the obesity.

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