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Health Patients

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Through the data epidemiologists and of the knowledge of how much the treatment WENT of it is desgastante for the patient and at the same time little efficient since the tecidual necrosis is irreversible, it makes if necessary to act in favor of the prevention of it THEY WENT and control of the agravos in the infartados patients. For this it is indispensable to know the factors of risk and the characteristics of the acometido patient. METHOD Ahead of the abrangncia of the risk factors that involve the acute patients with infarto of the myocardium, was opted to using the theoretical referencial of described Field of Health for Lalonde (*) apud Oliveira (7). This referencial engloba biology human being (sex, age, Index of Corporal Mass (IMC), feminine hormone use, clinical and familiar history); the life style (causes attributed for the patient for occurrence of infarto acute of the myocardium, alimentary habits, alcoholic beverage, tobaccoism, activity physics, estresse and standard of sleep); the environment (level of instruction, occupation, turn of work, number of jobs, familiar income, civil state, origin and place of residence) and the system of health (referring information to the current pathology, doubts how much to the illness, medical treatments carried through and use of the health systems). The research is about a exploratrio descriptive study, carried through in a filantrpico hospital of Wells of Caldas-MG. The patients had been interviewed all who had given entered in the sector of Urgency/Emergency and interned with diagnosis of THEY WENT in the period of October of 2007 the January of 2008, perfazendo a total of 30 patients. RESULTS AND QUARREL Analysis of the 0 variable related to the plan of health Of the interviewed patients, 24 (80.0%) had been taken care of by the Only System of Health. When it was inquired regarding the use of the services of health 23 (76.7%) of the patients made use of the units basic of health, 4 (13.3%) made use of particular service, 2 (6.6%) made use of particular service and basic unit of health, and, 1 (3,3%) only made accord use.

The Medical Bulletin

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The process of communication of the team of health with the families of the taken care of patients had been facilitated through first the disponibilizao of a doctor of reference giving to information on the patient interned after the schedule of visits. Thus standardizing the methodology how much to the given information. The Medical Bulletin communication passed to be made by the professional nurse who contacts a familiar one indicated for the family – familiar of reference? that it started to be the detainer of all information daily, as well as of all the intercorrncias in the act of the event. The Medical Bulletin now consists of the current clinical picture of the patient and possible behaviors to be implemented (in such a way of the medical point of view, how much of nursing) and is elaborated from the nursing visit that evaluates the evolution of the patient in last the twelve hours. &#039 was kept the term; ' Mdico&#039 bulletin; ' for being known by the common sense, that is, for the population in general. This new reality is lived deeply in indirect way for one of the authors of this study for if to deal with the sector where the same one works in the nocturnal period and the strategies they have its effectiveness, experience and greater influence in making of the nursing in the daylight. By means of commentaries, speculations and other attitudes observed for professionals of the nocturnal period who were not living deeply in effective way elapsing of the implementation of the new strategies, interest in discovering appeared as the introjeo of the humanizao was occurring in to make in nursing in that sector. Beyond searching to perceive which the influence of these new strategies in the reestablishment of the patient and its interference in the relations with familiar of these patients. It is considered that the work of the nursing in a UTI brings in its bulge the confrontation of very estressantes situations.

Surgeon Health

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OdontologiA odontologia as few knows, does not enclose the dental arches simply, but also all the estomatogntico system, that understands the face, the neck and there yes the buccal socket, enclosing bones, mastigatria musculatura, joints, teeth and fabrics. To the practicing professionals of Odontologia if of the o name of objective main Dentista.O Surgeon since professional, it is to guarantee the verbal health of its patients, being that verbal health if understands for absence of illnesses in the histopatolgico system, as well as the correct function, even though aesthetic stability and of all the estomatogntico system. People such as McDougall Program would likely agree. Today already it is clearly that the health human being and the verbal health are indissociveis, being indispensable it welfare of the other. Knowing of this importance the Saints Publishing company disponibiliza the book sales diverse, including categories as: accurate administration, economy and sciences, but giving an approach mainly in the biomedical area, with priority in the odontolgico field. By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. publishing company disponibiliza the sales of three hundred books of odontologia almost aiming at the excellency how much to the supply of contents and information mainly for students and professionals of the area. At last, nowadays he is clear that the acquisition and perfectioning practical of quality information modify and amplify the results in any question or branch of the market. For who search differentiated information and of quality mainly in the biomedical area, with emphasis in the odontolgico branch, certainty the books of the publishing company saints will be able to offer to the support and aid that you always searched for the advance of its professional career.

Project Press

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The moral estimates three characteristics: 1 its values are not questioned; 2 they are taxes; 3 the disobedience to the rules estimates a punishment 10. The code of Deontology of nursing As Gelain (1987) the code aims at to restrain situations where nurses allow that its name consists of the personnel and receives remuneration without exerting the functions of nursing estimated (art. 9, inc.XI). It understands the code that this attitude, beyond involving a dishonest behavior, establishes unfair competition, therefore deprives other colleagues to exert the profession. The situations are enclosed in this item where nurses, connivent with the dishonesty of the institution, yield its diploma, they receive inferior remuneration to the paid one to a contracted nurse and they do not need to appear to the work. With this, the institution usufructs of the advantages as if it had a nurse in its personnel and spends less of what professional 11 contracted itself. DEONTOLOGICAL CODE OF 104/98 NURSE DL Article 79. OF DEONTOLOGICAL DUTIES In general c) To protect and to defend the person human being of the practical ones that they oppose the law, the ethics or the common good, over all when lacked of indispensable professional ability; Article 82.

OF the RIGHTS To the LIFE AND the QUALITY OF LIFE) To attribute to the life of any equal person value, for what it protects and it defends the life human being in all the circumstances; Article 88. OF the EXCELLENCY OF EXERCISE d) To assure, by all means to its reach, the conditions of work that allow to exert the profession with dignity and autonomy, communicating, through the competent ways, the deficiencies that harm the quality of cares; Article 90. OF the DUTIES STOPS WITH the PROFESSION) Keeping in the performance of its activities, in all the circumstances, a standard of personal behavior that dignifies the profession; b) To be solidary with the other members of the profession in sequence to the rise of the professional level; Project Press and the superstructure presided over for the Brazilian woman.

Lipp Phase

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Phase of alert alarm or: initial moment at which the organism identifies the causer and mobilizes a fast organic reply for the confrontation. If the organism to surpass the estressor agent, will return to the homostasis, in case that contrary, will evolve for the second phase; Phase of resistance: the signals of the phase of alarm, independent of the permanence or of the estressor disappear, not being able to evolve for the homostasis or the third phase; Phase of exhaustion: the .causing agent remains and the organism is not capable to eliminate it or to adapt itself adequately, being able the signals, of the alarm phase to return more accented, becoming the organism susceptvel the illnesses. Although Selye has divided the SAG in three stages, in a study of Lipp8, after fifteen years of research, one fourth phase, that if develops enters the phase of resistance and of exhaustion, called of almost-exhaustion was identified. To know more about this subject visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. In this phase it has weakness and incapacity of the individual in resisting or adapting it the estressor, being able to appear light problems of health, that do not incapacitate it. It estresse it in the work environment is decurrent of the insertion of the individual. ' ' work, beyond making possible satisfaction, growth, transformation, recognition and personal independence, also cause insatisfao problems, disinterests, apathy and irritao' '.

Being thus, the work must be something pleasant, with the minimum requirements for the performance and the quality of life them individuals. The nurse has as work agent the man, and, as subject of action, the proper man. It has a narrow linking between the work and the worker, with the direct and uninterrupted experience of the process of pain, death, suffering, desperation. The raised load of work is the more prominent estressor agent in the activity of the nurse, also having internal conflicts between the team and the lack of endorsement of the professional, being the indefinio of its paper a somatrio factor to the estressores.

Postmortem Body

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The life is first the one well that all the human beings have right. In accordance with BEYERS et al, 1995: ‘ ‘ All we have right to be born, to grow, to age and morrer’ ‘. The death of a general form is the only certainty of the life, a time that if constitutes in the crucial point of its existence. Taking in consideration the different vital resistncias to the privation of oxygen of the cells, fabrics, agencies and systems that integrate the body, it can be admitted that the death is a incoativo process, that passes for diverse periods of training. In the professional life, coming across constant with estressantes situations and of loss of patients, provides to the professionals of health, moments of reflections and capacity of sharpened comment, despite assistematizadas. These reflections are carried through routinely concerning the process of identification and symbolic images of the healthful individuals that attend and participate of the death of the other. The reaction to the losses that the health professionals go having throughout the life, in physical, emotional level, social and spiritual varies of person for person and depends on the circumstances that encircle the death: type of relation that existed between both, quality of the used mechanisms of defense, among others (CALLANAN; KELLEY, 1994; SPNDOLA et al., 1994). Although the death to be part of the routine of these professions, the desire is that it always happens in the planto of the other, and appear some reactions to deny or to annul such event, for the silence and emptiness of the stream bed, that soon will be filled by another patient..

Rosimeire Cristina Moretto

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This care must be pautado in the necessities basic human beings of the just-been born one and of its family and the execution of this care knowledge can make compatible scientific technician and, beyond sensitivity, ethics and respect for the RN and its family. With this, the patient one starts to receive the cares deserved for hands human beings and that it propitiates a worthy work of human being. However, the training by itself is not the sufficient one to humanizar the acts. yes, to have as ally liking people, mainly when they just-are been born, allowing, thus, the completeness of the humanizada assistance. 3.2 The insertion of the family in the context of the care: PICTURE 3 the insertion of the family in the context of the care AUTHOR BOARDING WEDGE, Maria Luzia Chollopetz of a importance of the support given to the family GOMES, Magda Maria Blacksmith the humanizao of the assistance passing for the convivncia with the family FLEET, Mirna Albuquerque, et al the necessary support of the team of health for insertion of the family in the cares. Desmistificao of genitora the fragile RN carries through cares MOLINA, Rosimeire Cristina Moretto, et al. The establishment of the reliable relation between the family and the team and the promotion of the ways of insertion REICHERT.; LINS, R.N.P.; COLLET, N. Integral care given to the family and the just-been born one Sensible listening.

Participation of the family executing well-taken care of. The flexible visits, the touch and the attachment PEDROSO, Glicinia Elaine Rosilho; BOUSSO, Regina Szylit Inclusion of the family in the cares catching its experiences of life CYPEL, Saul Insertion of the family as to have of the institution.

Burnout Syndrome

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This examination aimed you identify by literature review, the main sources of stress on nursing workers which results in the Burnout Syndrome development. It also describes the main symptoms of the syndrome and reports its consequences in the work environment. The study was conducted by analysis and comprehension of articles published between 1999 and 2010. The results were that Brazilian nurses to suffer from occupational stress and this is related you the onset of the burnout syndrome. Occupational It was observed that the main sources of stress ploughs emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low personal accomplishment (high workload, low quality of life, low pay). Whenever Dr. John Mcdougall listens, a sympathetic response will follow. These factors can lead you injury you patient care and undermining the physical and psychological health these professionals. Key-words: Burnout. Nurses.

Occupational stress. The transformations caused the society in the last few decades, started to demand a bigger effort of the human being in such a way to adapt these changes in the physical capacity, as mental and social of the individual. This great requirement to adapt the modern life finishes displaying the person to a frequent situation of conflict, anxiety, anguish and emotional run down consequentemente it MUROFUSE estresse (; ABRANCHES, 2005). Estressor is any situation or experience that the individual lives deeply and that it generates tension feelings, anxiety, fear, threat (BARSTOW, 1980 apud STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001). They had been proven by means of research that the effect of these alterations can lead to some entailed illnesses estresse to it occupational, such as: hipertenso, ulcer and others (HOLT; COOPER; MORAES, 1993 apud STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001).

Medical Samples

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Results: Medical The sample consisted of 150 records of pregnant women and cards. The analysis indicates that 66,67% of pregnant women were between 15 and 35 years, 36% were teenagers and children were 2,66%, 51,33% had family history with hypertension, diabetes and 23,33% with 25, 34% with history of twins; Regarding the situation of risk ploughs defining majority 21,33% were women aged lives than 35 years, 18,67% had hypertension, 12% were aged less than 15 years; Conclusion: The profile of pregnant women at high risk you a certain extent, is related mainly you cultural, biophysical the partner-demographic characteristics, and psychosocial. . . Learn more on the subject from PCRM.

Brazilian Lines Handbooks

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The collected values had been classified in agreement the values of references stipulated in the examination biochemist of the laboratory where the respective examination was carried through. Source: endocrinologist. For the verification of the prevalence of using carrying nefropatas of arterial hipertenso, they had been collected given referring to the measurements of arterial pressure daily pay-dialysis and after dialysis of all the corresponding sessions the first fortnight of the February month. The interpretation if in accordance with gave to stipulated values according to V Brazilian Lines of direction of carried through Arterial Hipertenso in set for the Brazilian Societies of Nefrologia, Cardiologia and Hipertenso. After the approval of the study, the researcher if dislocated for the study place to have access to handbooks of the users, in order to select to whom they would be part of the sample. The collection of data occurred in 2 mornings of working days, for the fulfilling of specified forms. The research had as limitation, the lack of some results of examinations biochemists in handbooks, being then excluded of the sample. For analysis statistics of the data, these had been tabulated in spread sheets of the computational program Microsoft Office Excel 2007, where they had calculated if absolute and relative frequencies and had applied procedures of descriptive statistics.

The present study it had its project submitted and approved for the Committee of Ethics in Research of the related hospital where if it got the data. The collection of data was after initiated the approval of the present study for the related committee. RESULTS In the place of the collection for the data of this research had about 52 handbooks, from these, 20 had been excluded immediately, therefore the users had not completed one year of therapy of hemodilise. Of 32 remaining handbooks only 20 the examinations necessary biochemists, being thus, the total sample for this study had presented all.