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ProDictate Supports Dictation

New from Brainworks the Brainworks GmbH has its digital voice recognition – and processing extends the ProDictate module RDP dictate. Thus the record and edit dictations in RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) sessions is possible. So far, it was not feasible to use the Windows Terminal Server (WTS) for the audio recording for many companies. With the extension of the ProDictate series module RDP dictate can be dictated directly through the RDP client and written. For even more details, read what Jack Salzwedel says on the issue. The RDP client which is company of Brainworks to installed on the PC and the stationary USB voice recorder, such as the simply connected Philips SpeechMike Air,”explains Eduard Meiler, CEO of Brainworks GmbH. Through the use of RDP dictate client is started on the server of the ProRecorder of Brainworks and already can with the usual processing of dictation by the stationary voice recorder be started. In cooperation with the company Liscon RDP dictate further developed especially for use in thin-client networks. Thus she will controlled data transmission to the dictation Server ensures the resources to be used can be clearly defined and therefore especially at narrow bandwidths other services not taxing. The parameters are these adjustable and can be adapted to meet the needs. Thus can work without problem branches, which are connected only through a 2Mbit-Leitung with the Control Panel, and do not need to worry that the whole network collapses in the use of digital dictation systems.” Learn more about the Brainworks GmbH and the products and solutions are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/brainworks / contact for questions regarding this press release: on the market of digital dictation management solutions and voice recognition systems. In addition to large and reputable insurance companies, tax offices and hospitals nationwide small- and medium-sized companies have for years on the software and hardware of the Berlin company, a strategic partner of nuance in Germany. With the use of the offered products, companies increase their productivity and reduce operating costs at the same time. The efficient dictation and document systems automate daily pending tasks in the Administration with the help of speech recognition and processing. The individual software programs are flexible in their use and ensure the Use on the desktop or laptop, Tablet PC, thin clients or the PDA. Interfaces also allow combining with third-party products and existing on-premises applications as the acceleration of existing work processes in the administration. Learn more about the Brainworks GmbH and the products of the company are available on the Internet at.

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Riva CRM Integration Server

Riva CRM integration server synchronizes server-side, bi-directional and transparent Sage SalesLogix on premise and in the cloud with Entourage, Outlook, Mac mail, iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry. Greifenberg/Munich, June 14, 2011 Omni technology solution (, the first provider of a server-side integration of different CRM systems, Riva CRM Integration Server now supports in addition to the Sage SalesLogix on-site installation also the cloud version of Sage SalesLogix. For the server-side, and seamless CRM integration of SalesLogix, Riva offers two variants: Riva and Riva live. Riva is installed locally on a single server and can support thousands of users with the installation of this server. When using Riva live CRM integration via the cloud without an installation in the company takes place. Through the use of Riva and Riva live must no local plug for direct access to the CRM-in the be installed on the computers of the users or additional applications on mobile devices. A study published May 2011 on behalf of Sibb e.V. of the Department of information and communications management at the Technical University of Berlin for the implementation of cloud computing the future potential confirmed the cloud. Two-thirds of the companies surveyed already use today’s cloud services and software as a service (SaS). (Source nc/related cold news/article/50435-study by sibb and tu-berlin-cloud-computing is the future/167 /) Sage SalesLogix provides its clients with the availability of its CRM solution as software on-premise and cloud solution the individual selection. Regardless whether Sage SalesLogix is in the enterprise or in the cloud, Riva integration server can be used for the CRM integration and a seamless connection to Outlook and mobile devices. Riva also offers both an on-premise and a cloud version of the CRM synchronization. Cloud services are undoubtedly on the rise and represent an ideal solution for smaller companies.

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DOXNET Roundtable

A focus on the DMS EXPO-Europe’s leading trade fair and Conference for enterprise content and document management and output – is 2011 exhibitors, presentations and discussions of on current trends / Exchange to DOXNET Roundtable output management. Because a major change occurring currently in hardly any other area of IT. Messe Stuttgart reflects the approach initiated in the past year on very good response this development with the expansion. The theme of output management has found a fair home, which should contribute this year to a stronger presence in the industry, and provide an even greater influx”, Dr. Werner Broermann, head of the competence center (CC) output-management of the VOI – Announces organizational and information systems e. V. and consultant at the Zoller & partner Union GmbH, at. If the DMS EXPO from September 20 to 22 opens its doors, visitors find an extended range of output management. So the stand of the CC output-management of VOI around half will be greater than in the last year and again a central point form. Well-known companies such as Hewlett Packard, for example, present themselves in the immediate vicinity. The DMS EXPO is a must for us, because it meets the who-is-who of the industry. Where, if not here, you can get with important trends and challenges in the document and output management? At the same time it is an excellent forum to come with many entrepreneurs in the conversation and to learn more about their wants and needs”, says Carsten Ludtge, senior editor of compart AG, which is also among the exhibitors. Marc Koch, CEO of legodo ag, adds: with the fields of document management, output management and authoring professionals can check the comprehensive suitable solutions for the entire range of written customer communication. This year can be assumed due to the signals from the market, that in addition the integration of social media into customer communication will find special interest.” Users will receive Information about many current issues.

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IOS 5 Allegedly Only In The Autumn.

FusionEDV is customer iPhone apps for compatibility preparing in recent years Apple had granted a first preview on its upcoming iPhone operating system and brought this in the summer with a new iPhone model on the market in March or April. Had IDE for this switch to FusionEDV team. Apple with iOS 5 this time time and only after the iPhone 5 in the fall bring the new system. Recently had Apple IOS 4.3 brought out a major maintenance update and with the iPhone 3 G is another iPhone model on the led of no longer supported devices sent, only since November 2010 iPhone and iPad on the same system level – up to iOS 4.2 came out, ran iOS 4 only on the iPhone and the iPod touch. iOS 5 will experience significant changes and increase enforcement on cloud services, TechCrunch reported. Including also a music Cabinet should be, whose Inhalte iPhone owners can stream on the go on your phone. iOS 5 will Apple together with a new iPhone expected to be in June at the developers Conference WWDC show. FusionEDV software development Outsourcing partners offers the creation of .NET ASP c# applications, Facebook apps, Java, J2EE and mobile applications for the four different mobile operating systems iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Contact: FusionEDV Marta Kozak Stuebelalle 71 01309 Dresden phone: 0351 27493385 eMail:

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