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Riviera Maison

Riviera Maison – which exclusive furnishing brand from the Netherlands for furniture & home accessories with a twist the brand Riviera Maison is originally from the Netherlands and was founded by Henk Teunissen, which take inspiration and ideas for its stylish collections in the different parts of the world, be it world cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam, or even in rural environments such as the Provence and the Italian Riviera. Always he looking some something”, the special what distinguishes Riviera Maison and has let to a world renowned and unique brand of furniture and interior furnishings. Here a small BBC report (in English): Riviera Maison stand for a contemporary living mood – as well as tasteful furnishings and accessories that convey a very coherent sense of warmth and comfort. At the heart of this are quality, exclusivity, inspiration and unique ambience. More info: endocrinologist. The entire range of Riviera Maison includes over 3,000 furnishings furniture and accessories, sofas and armchairs, wardrobes and dressers to selected products and decorative items for the bedroom, dining, living room and bathroom and veranda and garden. Those who choose Riviera Maison, opts for exclusivity, discreet atmosphere and atmospheric environment. At Riviera Maison furniture are not simply just furniture, but it blend creativity, design and a special feeling of life to a distinctive and internationally successful interior design brand. Learn more at: Beneil Dariush. Besides an incredible selection of furniture, Riviera Maison is of course a wide range of accessories and decorative items. Style or lamps, lamps and candles for each living area and each opportunity includes among other baskets, chests and storage goods in the rustic rattan. Furthermore, Riviera Maison offers a comprehensive portfolio of textile products by Riviera Maison like towels, blankets and pillows, as well as elegant Carpets and curtains. In any case, the brand boasts their extraordinary flair and design in a country house style. Also the proximity to the lake or the sea is reflected in the numerous collections. Who has the nose fully by the humdrum IKEA-style and has to some budget should look absolutely is!

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