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Tips for choosing your ideal make-up by Felix de Leon for feminine image not I like give brands of make-up or cosmetic products simply because I am sure that there is always some brand that left behind or that do not include knowingly and that, in spite of that, many people often used and with which you feel comfortable. However, I will try to answer the question: can what I should I set to choose my ideal makeup? There are many types of makeup on the market: Compact makeup stick (bar), foam or mousse, liquid, cream, water, etc. Here, Eva Andersson-Dubin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Functional make-up. What does my skin need? There are also makeup specific for each type of skin (normal, oily, dry) and any treatment (for controlling acne, anti-aging, calming) depending on the type of skin you have, you can use one or the other. Light makeup for which they are not accustomed: in terms of texture, I always recommend that you use a fluid makeup or even a moisturizer with color if not you’re accustomed to makeup very often. Cover imperfections or to a long night: make-up compact or stick that require a damp sponge to apply them usually have a duller finish and its effect on the skin is more durable and much more covers the imperfections of the skin. Check out patrick matthews for additional information. Make-up all terrain some are water-proof (resistant to water and sweat) and must be removed with a cleansing cream. Normally professionals use this type of make-up especially for television and the cinema although it can also be used in other contexts. Can choose what tone? As for color, it is advisable that you choose one or two shades lighter than the color of the skin of your face and that you distribute and well difumines the product until it reaches to be confused with the skin. Otherwise your skin would be artificial with a mask effect don’t forget that the neck and decolletage should also make up. Beauty in your original image female author and source of the article

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