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Alphabetical Writing

This work has as purpose to establish relation between the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao of the children. The study it evidences the complexity of the acquisition of the written language and the forms as the infantile grafismo if they constitute important element in the process of the alfabetizao, a time that the children have the chance to express its hypotheses around what she means the language and which its forms of representation. The developed research is of qualitative nature and adopts as predominant character the metodolgico procedure of the bibliographical research, searching to dialogue with studious of the area the referring questions to the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao. To finish the work, I stand out how much it is important that the professor has conscience of the process of alfabetizao and the forms of representation of the language for the child, in way that can value its graphical productions and the drawing as attempt of representation of the writing. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sigmund Freud. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Infantile Grafismo, alfabetizao, acquisition of the written language. This article has for objective to establish relation between the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao of the children. This interest is decurrent of the comments that I come carrying through during the experience of supervised period of training, in the Course of Pedagogia of the University Catholic of Salvador. In this direction, we can admit that, historically, the professors have given little or no importance to the drawing and the graphical representations produced by the children. The activities proposals, when they contemplate the motor development are mechanical and they do not favor spontaneous the free expression and of the child, valuing the copy and the repetition of movements, that is activities that do not stimulate the thought, neither promote a significant relation during the process of construction of the written language.

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Attraction Circulation

The verb to give is one of most powerful at the time of practicing a good relation with the money. As but we give but we received. Nevertheless he is very natural that affects the feeling to us of the fear at the time of giving from fear of which that money does not return or work costs to us but to recover it. The thought of loss when giving is the main error that we commit because the loss thought is the one that predominates in our mind and what this in our mind is what we attract (Law of the Attraction). The money is circulation, must flow. When having fear we are egoistic and to retain stops it the circulation, is as if a pipe is covered which prevents that the money return. The way to maintain the circulation is to begin to give without no type of fear to that it does not return, We are generous, pays to the others well, gives good gratuities, you do donations based on good intentions. It thanks for your capacity to give and to receive. Prcticalo and you will see incredible changes. She is the same it practices for the love, it gives love and that you will receive every day more. To give and to receive are two faces of a same one currency. To let flow the money without waiting for nothing in return but with the conviction that will be given back of the form that less you imagine you do not think about how the money will return, only gives, it lets flow and that circulation will be every greater and fruitful day. You do not worry about anything, the universe always knows what does. Ten by certainly everything what DES will be given back to you and in addition with interests. A form to give is to invest your money in options that can beneficiarte, that can raise with a lever your money. I do not close to the options of business or investment, estudialas and makes decisions. Nonpools your money, ponlo to flow, to circular that by divine law it will return with interests.

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The failure pertaining to school is today a great problem for the educational system. Many times, to get rid itself of the responsibility of this failure, a culprit searchs; somebody that can assume alone this situation, therefore to each year the failure pertaining to school increases at the same time where the quarrels between educators if extend, in the attempt to solve the problem. The statistical data disclose the tragic reality of that the children registered the first series in its majority are disapproved. However, the search of significant results, that provoke a difference in the practical form of this learning so that the reader finds subsidies so that educating finds inside of its pertaining to school entity; it is a process that must be creative and pleasant, to have value and meaning for the pupils in today and that still it will have to open doors so that these find the way safe from to sequenciar such process in accordance with the reality that will be imposed to it, with base to act on this same reality as a being transforming politician and. Searching to know more on Difficulties of Learning, it is that this work is justified. This research aims at to identify the behavior of the pupil ‘ ‘ Jonas’ ‘ analyzed in the case study (text in annex). This work has as objective to argue the process of inclusion of the related pupil which manifest necessities special to understand, the social representations does not obtain to read and to write the waited one in accordance with, above all of its difficulty to deal with the reality, allied to the health upheavals affecting its cognitivo and emotional development intervening directly with its pertaining to school performance.

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Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For Men

What is the best way to lose belly fat? That is the question that many men have been asking today. Well, the basic answer is as follows, to lose abdominal fat needed to lose weight. There is no exercise of the magic that can detect reduce fat in any area of the body. So the money that you spend on all things roller of the ab Cruncher is only a loss, because he will not make your stomach smaller are made if you still have a lot of fat that covers it. If you look at the photos of men with abdominal large like Matthew McConaughey or Brad Pitt, these guys are thin and have almost no fat in your body. Losing weight is the first step to get rid of your stomach fat. People such as Tony Ferguson would likely agree. The first thing you need to do to lose weight must be checked what you eat, you know what they say trash, leaves garbage. You need at least a bit of protein in each of your meals. The reason for this is that the protein helps process the carbohydrates you eat, which helps to burn fast food by what they are not stored as fat. If you do not know, however, the carbohydrates that do not burn properly in the body are stored as fat. So if you eat a lot of carbohydrates refined like bread and rice, besides increasing their levels of insulin in the body. And if insulin levels are high our store of body fat more. So that what you have to do is you need to have protein in each of your meals. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rollo May by clicking through. A good rule of thumb here is that each 3 / 4 cup of rice or a slice of bread to eat, have to eat a piece of lean meat, chicken or fish for the size of the Palm of your hand. This way you have enough protein in your meals to adequately process carbohydrates that are not stored as fat. Another thing that we need to do is get a lot of exercise, such as one hour a day. Exercise helps burn fat, remember when you don’t have a large amount of carbohydrates to burn, your body will use FAT stored as energy and It will be that will help you lose weight and lose the belly fat. Please, make sure that you also get plenty of rest, for at least 6 hours of sleep a day. Sleep helps the body recover and run better. fat burners capsiplex can compare how other pills of Capsiplex weight loss Capsiplex? Current World News Buy Capsiplex Slimming Pills Best Weight Loss Slimming Pill That

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Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation is considered the most complex kind of translation, and simultaneous interpreter – is the most prestigious and highest paid translation profession among staff translation. Perform Simultaneous translation – it's hard work, according to the rules translators interpreters follow each other, performing translation every 15 – 20 minutes. If the interpreter works in a mode of interpretation all day tension and fatigue will be usually affect a couple of days. If an interpreter immediately the next day try to do, such as translation, the efficiency will be low. The optimum would be if the interpreter was able to arrange a day off to see the day when he will be engaged in simultaneous translation and a day off after the simultaneous translation. But this is rarely possible. Sometimes outsourcers follow one another, not Simultaneous translation exception. Maya Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Prices for the interpretation offered by almost all the translation, respectively, above. Preparing for simultaneous translation is a specialist on the average one to two days (With complex topics of translation). If you recall the rest, who need an interpreter, after such hard work – it one more day. Thus, it appears that the payment for interpretation must be divided into three, and even on four days. Simultaneous translation also depends on the value of the equipment with which the simultaneous translation. Translation equipment is usually rented. If the customer offers payment simultaneous interpretation services that does not match labor costs of an interpreter for the interpreter is often more profitable to abandon the interpretation and run for two – three days of consecutive interpreting. Thus, one job will be equal to the number of other labor-intensive. But, nevertheless, each translator has their own preferences.

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Biomedical Problems

In the north France have been heavy snowfall. Snow cyclone has not spared any of the Western European countries and reached the green island. In Ireland, on the roads – drifts, drifts, sleet and many kilometers of traffic jams. New techniques calculation of environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 godam.Zasypalo snow and Iberian poluostrovNovye methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 years .. Residents of Spain are advised not to drive because the roads a mess. In urban services has no strength, no time trying to cope with the effects of snowfall. Snow fell even at the resorts – and the Canary Balearic Islands. About how a few hours to England and France filled up with snow, look at our new methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. As protect themselves from frost? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 godam.Fotofakte: Europe filled up snegomNovye methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 years .. Russian scientists began to experiment to study the long-term effects of radiation on living organism at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, RAS new methodology for calculating environmental damage.

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Psihobiokompyuter – a manifestation of a material substance as a super-consciousness, as a separate functional system, it can be used to develop different phenomenal abilities of the person (different types of memory – photographic, music, computer, different ways of seeing, unconventional forms of information – crawl spaces, telepathy, etc.). These capabilities and the ability to blur the line between material and intangible spaces, extend the range of perception and understanding of objective reality. Our Russian scientist Academician VM Bronnikov proposed and existing projects that are not based on man-caused approach but development of the natural features of the human body. But these opportunities are so significant that they seem fantastic, unbelievable. What can do Bronnikov? First of all, by his method almost anyone of any age can learn to manage your biofield, so as not to tire, to be healthy, balanced, confident. Secondly, the method of Bronnikov develops new qualities of the brain, a new tool to understand the world – psihobiokompyuter, develops a person's memory to the phenomenal amount, imaginative creative vision without overloading the mind and not tired. The most effective method of Bronnikov for children aged 7-14 years. This means that our students can be healthy and balanced, quickly, deeply and creatively assimilate the learning material. Third, the method of Bronnikov can develop in a person the ability to see with my eyes closed, which means to be able to perceive the world holistically, to see ourselves, the internal organs (their own and others) on the mineral and cellular level, to diagnose diseases of these organs. Learning by this method allows the blind to learn to see. Experts Bronnikov method together with the Department of Ophthalmology Tver Medical Academy, engaged in the restoration of visual function in patients with impaired vision. Those patients who recover these function is not possible, using our methodology, and develop an alternative way of seeing. Similarly, patients with hearing loss can develop an alternative way of hearing. Work with patients with cerebral palsy, diabetes diabetes and other ailments.

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