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Licorera Zacapaneca

Manufacturer of award-winning Ron Zacapa Centenario rum Ron Zacapa of manufacturer of award-winning Ron Zacapa Centenario rum rum is generally from molasses, a by-product of sugar cane processing, won. He is inter alia on the Caribbean Islands, as well as in countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. Just Guatemala stands for high-quality rum, which have a very own flowery aroma and an intense, stimulating taste. The Licorera Zacapaneca distillery is a manufacturer, which has its seat at Guatemala and is very successful. It was founded in 1930 in the Zacapa region and adheres to the traditional manufacturing processes to date. The Licorera Zacapaneca distillery Rio Hondo is located in Santa Cruz and has focused mainly on the production of Centenario rum rum and Sello de Oro Venado especial. Strong emphasis on quality, what you can taste out of every single rum. While the recipes of the rum be kept strictly secret. Some of rum produced by the distillery, like the famous Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera 23 years, could win even international prices. Meanwhile, the family-owned company of the Licorera Zacapaneca belongs to the Group of Industrias of Licoreras de Guatemala, which has taken over the patronage of various alcohol manufacturers in Guatemala and sells not only rum on the international market. It has helped that the exquisite rum from Guatemala to enjoy worldwide so popular and regularly win gold medals at international competitions. Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera 23 years addiction to a rum awarded regularly so you will be 23 years with Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera find. He is the piece de resistance of Licorera Zacapaneca distillery from Guatemala. Since 1998, this exclusive rum won the gold medal at the “international Rum Festival”. In 2006 he was appointed Festival in America of carried out competition spirit also the winner in the Categorie premium within one by the international cane.

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Dolce Vita

Easily Oberhaching extend the vacation with a (late) summer CINZANO wine aperitif, August 2011. After the summer holidays, the desire frequently to the lightness of the Mediterranean lifestyle for pleasant evenings outdoors, and after the noise of the sea. With an original Italian wine aperitif everyone who let the wanderlust does not go after Bella Italia, can get the taste of a carefree, Italian summer evening at home. As aperitivo, the Italians call not only the drink itself, but especially the habit to make a round on a drink and some appetizers in a bar. This form of the aperitif in Milan, the home of Campari is particularly popular. The authentic classic CINZANO wine aperitif by Campari distinguishes itself by its origin, quality and diversity and is still considered a classic among the appetizers. For over 250 years, it stands for spontaneous pleasure and carefree life. Whether pure or as fresh, aromatic cocktail of five different Flavours provide Mediterranean flair with the one in this country at any time the Italian lifestyle can reminisce. CINZANO wine aperitif simply tastes of Sun, holiday and spontaneity. The CINZANO Bianco with its tart sweet taste and a delicate scent of cinnamon and clove taste pur on ice, as a long drink or cocktail. As the Bianco CINZANO Limetto with natural extracts of lemon is refreshing in taste especially on hot days. Whether pure or sparkling mix of Prosecco is an ideal late summer drink. CINZANO Orancio, which convinces with its aroma of fresh oranges and delicate vanilla is still Latin. Thus, it repeated the Italian Sun in the glass. The slight thyme and Marjoram touch which confers a special, independent character and distinctive taste the Ruby CINZANO Rosso is somewhat tart but also refreshing. Especially CINZANO extra dry is suitable for the preparation of cocktails, is also excellent for cooking. Cocktail recipes this Cocktails with fruit or tart flavors taste like holiday and joy of life.

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The Noodle And The Large Pond

The Luneburg noodle Office informed its customers belong to the national dishes of the Italian. But for centuries will be that arguing about, who they now invented the noodles. From all regions of the world votes loud that are claiming the invention of the popular pasta for yourself. To do this, the legends are numerous. As a pasta lover knows how to give a good overview of the history of pasta Arno Frohlich from Luneburg. There is much speculation about the emergence and spread of the noodle. The large discharge alarm Marco Polo brought 1292 noodles from China on his return to Italy in the year. Various sources show however that these were not the first pasta on Italy. The Spanish geographer al-Idrisi reports already in the 12th century by a stringy dish popular in Sicily made of flour. For noodle manufacturing information is also among the Arabs, and the Etruscans, and also the ancient Greeks can pasta dishes already. As the oldest document which mentioned pasta, is dated around the year 2000 BC, Chinese Parchment with a pasta recipe. An old sealed jar with noodles could be salvaged during excavations in Northwest China unversert. The discussions no longer only covering the origin of pasta. Unity, as there are many different manifestations of pasta, there is nor. The details vary between 100 and 300 different noodle types that are produced from the various cereals and with many accessories in a variety of forms. The from South Germany, Spatzle, are produced about 400 years ago, for the first time are considered typical German implementation of the noodle. The first pasta factory was established in Germany in the year 1793 in Erfurt. The pasta produced in Germany consist mainly of eggs and wheat flour. More traditional ingredients such as wholemeal or spelt flour find but sometimes due to their better nutritional value, more and more popular among consumers. In Luneburg, who is looking after special noodle dishes, must make no long trips, but when Arno Frohlich quickly find it located in the Luneburg noodle. The noodle specialist offers not only the well-known classics, but also not everyday pasta specialities and knows good tips for their preparation. Arno Frohlich is interested any further information to the topic of pasta. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.: 04131 31469 fax.: 04131 6241 E-Mail: Homepage:

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