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How To Restore The Energy In The Body ?

The crisis is burning brain, nerves on edge, work up a sweat, alcohol, smoking, coffee and so every day, such is life of modern man. Not immediately, but over time begin to manifest depression, chronic fatigue, lethargy, apathy, nervousness, irritability, headaches, loss of clarity and quick thinking, all symptoms of lack of energy production in the body. Power generation is a complex, multistage process of bio-energy. Next I will describe a set of measures for energy recovery, which personally helped me well in my time. In the morning, sure, you need to do a little workout, at least shake the press, and 10-20 minutes of breathing exercises with breath-holding. Suit of pranayama yoga, Chinese qigong, or breathing in the Method. It is very important because during exercise with breath-holding in the human body accumulates breathing prana (Carbon dioxide), without which the hormones and enzymes normally do not work. And most importantly, without it, oddly enough, the body is not absorbed by oxygen, and this – our main fuel, without it man can not live more than a few minutes. Visualize the energy accumulation in the body – it will greatly enhance the effect of exercise. For breakfast you can make ice cream with grated chocolate and bananas, it will give the body glucose and the precursors for synthesis of serotonin in the brain. Closer to dinnertime, when fatigue starts to accumulate, we’ll need a cup of coffee and half an hour of free time. Following the adoption of coffee you can lie down, relax, play music and start quickly and intense nose breathing 3-10 minutes until a light tingling in the limbs, followed by a nice breath-holding and complete relaxation for about five minutes, ten. Everything in the body developed a serotonin, and we need to do so that it is not absorbed back (reuptake), this drink a natural antidepressant, based on St. John’s wort, for example, or gellarium deprevit (2-3 tablets). After some time you feel hungry, it’s time for lunch. Lunch should consist of salad and natural carbohydrates (pasta, cereal, pizza better without the meat of dead animals) After a meal, accept some of the mineral-vitamin complex. During the day, try to observe the drinking regime because the water is the second most important after oxygen. In the evening, after work, drank tea and did not rush to have dinner or do chores, it is necessary for half an hour, an hour to rest and relax in a reclining position (meditation). On dinner, best for seafood – seaweed, fish, shrimp Because they contain phosphorus, iodine and protein. Phosphorus – is the foundation of the molecule atp, is the basis of stored energy in our cells. Iodine and protein, just give a lot energy. Without them, the whole chain of energy transformation is interrupted, the person becomes nervous and irritable – crazy))). Sleep a must in the dark and turn off all sources of electromagnetic radiation. This required to properly produced from serotonin melatonin, which is the source of psychic energy. From alcohol, sex and cigarettes would have to give at any time. And what to do, someone who is easy?

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