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Skin Combination Care

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Every girl who has oily or combination skin knows how this is problematic. Contact information is here: PCRM. But a lot of trouble can be related, if not eliminated altogether, then minimize it. Play an important role properly fitted cosmetic care for oily, combination and problem skin. Many manufacturers make products specifically for oily and combination skin, but it has no effect. A good option will turn to professional tools for skin care, such as are enjoyed by beauty salons.

It is better to buy them through the online store cosmetics c delivery in Moscow. So you can save time and most importantly money. Let us consider the basic tools required to care for oily, combination and problem skin. Means for washing and cleansing should be astringent, tightens pores, but does not cause drying. Toner should be alcohol free alcohol, to normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, tightens pores, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Day to avoid shine on the face or in the T-zone, it is necessary use the matting agent. They absorb excess sebum in a discharge, moisturize the skin, as well as an excellent base for make-up.

Just do not forget about the face mask that deeply cleanse the pores, narrow and their normalize the function of the sebaceous glands. It is also recommended to have a care in the arsenal of means which forms a film on the skin, it can be like a mask film, and any other means. Its primary function in pulling the dirt out skin, which contributes to its improvement. And another important recommendation for those who have problem skin, keep eating right, it will not only help to improve skin condition, but also beneficial effects on the body.

Makeup Removal

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Makeup removal – a procedure for removing makeup from the face and neck, skin cleansing and preparation for the evening's nutritional care. The procedure make-up remover can also be carried out as preparation for the new make-up, for example, when you shoot daily makeup before applying the evening. Makeup removal is used and if you do not use make-up. Street dust and skin secretions clog pores person, create a favorable environment for the occurrence of acne. Need to clean skin and allow it to breathe, relax, relieve fatigue and muscle tension. How to remove makeup? What tools to use? How to make the procedure easier and make-up remover pleasant? What are the secrets you need to know? Read about it more. Choose a cleanser.

There is a wide choice of means for cleansing and removing makeup. The choice of tools you need to suit your skin type, age, state of the skin, as well as your personal preferences. First, all tools can be divided into two groups – those that require the use of water, and those that remove make-up on their own. Gels mousses, foams. These funds are used with water. Draw a little money to palms, gently foams, if it does not foam structure, then lightly cleaned with a damp face and rinse with water. Gels, mousses, foams often created for combination and oily skin and contain additives that regulate sebum, and reduces inflammation. Milk, cream. These funds are generally designed for dry and sensitive skin therefore, are composed of a large amount of fat and various additives.

Hair And Skin Care

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You're a natural blonde with smooth and soft skin? The words 'bikini line' you only associated with a new swimsuit? I envy you. Close this page and read something else. You still do not'll be able to appreciate and understand the suffering of millions of women voluntarily subjecting himself to torture with hot wax, sharp blades, bits of current or pluck one hair at a normal to a cosmetic tweezers! This is not superfluous hair from the eyebrows pull! Yes, I am not exaggerating, among my friends, there are those who seek to effect perfectly smooth legs that way! Gone are the days when absolutely commonplace considered bush of dark hair under a thin pantyhose. And those same tights have become much clearer, bolder and clothing. Thus, most women are faced with the problem of hair removal. Dr. Neal Barnard does not necessarily agree.

All kinds of promotional brochures offer '100% guarantee 'for a painless and long-term freedom from this problem. At the time I bought for each type of proposed potions, trying to find a cure for ezhevesennih suffering. Share your experience. The first way – an ordinary safety razor. Personally, I acquired a masculine machine, having tried all the advertised 'female' with wide handles. Dr. John Mcdougall may also support this cause. Thin male pen machine, tested for centuries and millions of men who have long been invented to imagine anything pokomfortnee if it they are not satisfied, increases mobility on a flat surface not just the body. Yes, and I prefer the blade very ordinary, without any 'triple gratings' and 'super-moisturizing strips'.

Skin And Hygiene

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The skin protects the body from the harmful effects of different environmental conditions (mechanical, thermal). The skin is the sweat and sebaceous glands. Out through the sweat glands sweat released. To prevent skin diseases, premature aging, to maintain its form is important to correct skin care. Must be constantly concerned about the removal of dirt from the skin, secretions of sebaceous glands, etc. For this purpose, the skin of exposed parts of the body should be washed with special facilities for body care at least once a day, and closed – at least once a week. When excessive sweating and enhanced activity of the sebaceous glands should do it more often. Wash up to room temperature water, because hot water leads to a decrease in skin elasticity, premature aging, makes skin dull, cold water affects normal edemas of the sebaceous glands.

Wash There are a number of special cosmetic products: milk, foam, gel. Competently made a tool that is suitable for your skin type, helps to effectively get rid of dirt, secretions of sebaceous glands, etc. Shower possible should be taken daily, but every time bad soap body, as protective substances are washed off the skin ceases to dry. Shower optimally fit: creamy shower gels, conditioners, mouthwash and body, etc. If after a shower, your skin is very dry, you can use a balm or cream to the body.

Define Your Skin Type People

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Facial skin has always paid much more attention than any other part of the body. Because, firstly, the person constantly on the mind of any defect in the skin immediately becomes visible to all, depriving us of peace, confidence and appeal. Second, the facial skin is constantly exposed to harsh environments (solar, wind, cold, dehydrated air in rooms with central heating, etc.). In addition, the rich exhaust gas air of cities is also not beneficial to our skin. Therefore, it needs special care and attention.

Skin types. By tradition, is divided into three types of skin: dry, normal and oily. Determine to which type of one or different skin, the degree of intensity of the sebaceous glands. But much more important to preserve the health of the skin is its ability to retain moisture. Sebum on the face creates a protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture. Therefore, when choosing cosmetic products must also take into account the degree of dehydration of your skin. Normal skin – fresh, taut and elastic, it is well received blood on it not evident then, she brushed without fat shine.

Unfortunately, such perfect skin – a rarity. It can be seen in a child, but, having passed the age of puberty, we rarely can boast of such a skin on the face. Oily skin – shiny, often has a pale appearance and a rough structure. Pores are visible, easily clogged with dust and dirt, because of this on oily skin often appear black spots, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

The Skin And Sun

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Tonics produced by cosmetic firms differ in the content of the alcohol. 20-25 years, if you do not use make-up, the need to use a special tonic net.Uvlazhnenie. Our skin is constantly losing moisture, so the need for daily moisturizing. The spectrum of moisturizers are very broad: all kinds of water and oil solutions, emulsions and creams. Aqueous solutions have a very rapid but short-lived effect. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Oil anhydrous solutions on their own can not moisturize the skin.

They simply form a protective film on the skin, preventing evaporation of moisture. Emulsions are a mixture of oil and water in different proportions. The greater the percentage of water, the faster the emulsion is absorbed into the skin. Oil component with a protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture. The greater the percentage of oil in the emulsion, the longer preserved effect moisture, but too thick emulsion leave stains on the clothes and the discomfort on his face. Most effectively retain skin moisture cream, consisting of fatty acids and alcohols. They are not sticky, as oil emulsions, while mimicking the properties of the skin vlagosberegayuschie sala.Zaschita. The action of the sun, wind, dry indoor air adversely affects the condition of our skin.

Therefore, it needs special protective equipment. Sun. In the summer should be used as a foundation or day cream to moisturize with a UV-filter. They protect the skin from harmful UV rays. But if you assume a long time in the sun, always wear a hat with large fields or a cap with a long peak.