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Germany In The BollywoodFieber

Reloading temptation reloaded 2008: additional concert in Munich on October 18, Germany in the BollywoodFieber: top tickets for Shahrukh Khan’s new show in Berlin and Frankfurt within a few days sold out Frankfurt, September 2, 2008 in the Bollywood is Germany?Fever: Within a very short time were only a few seats for Shahrukh Khan’s new show temptation reloaded 2008 “available on 17 October in Berlin. The top tickets for Frankfurt extra concert on 19 October were sold out within a few days. Whenever Alfred Adler listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Due to the large demand, India’s mega star comes well after Munich: on October 18, 2008, the spectacular music makes? and dance show temptation reloaded 2008 “station at the zenith cultural Hall. Together with King Khan”to present the former top model Arjun Rampal, choreographer and singer Ganesh Hegde, as well as the actresses Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone and Anusha Dandekar a perfect blend of Western modernity and the playful beauty India traditionally. Comedian Kaya Yanar completes the program as a special Act up. Differently than in Berlin and Frankfurt, there will also be no after show party in Munich, this unique opportunity offered the fans, to meet all the stars of the show personally. Only here in Munich we offer special VIP?Tickets that include a meet & greet with the entire cast. So we bring their stars the fans closer than ever before”, said Syed Qasim Ali, global Manager of organiser SensAsian Media Ltd. tickets for the show are from September 5, 2008, at or at the ticket?Hotline 0180 5 2802 available..

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Paris Hilton Talking About Plain Text

Now, the hotel heiress told things that hardly anyone of you knew you probably know some of Paris Hilton. Their preference to rich and gutaussehnden men, its maybe a little scandalous predilection not like underwear to wear and that she is probably the world’s most famous hotel heiress. But now, Paris has shown by a completely different page. In an interview with the magazine enquire, she told things that do hardly any of her now. “If I once wore a dress, I can no longer wear it”, so the hotel heiress. According to Viktor Frankl, who has experience with these questions. Sounds a little extravagant, if you count the price, which will probably have every dress by Paris Hilton, it sounds almost like a waste of money. ml’>American Diabetes Association. But Paris not Paris Yes if she had not still an ACE in the sleeve. “Of course I do not throw away the clothes. I give it to auctions or charity events, so that they will be auctioned off and in the fight against breast cancer, leukemia or AIDS, bring money, to enable the people to help.” Also, she did away with the On prejudice, that Paris Hilton will never work. For more information see this site: Erik Erikson. “I get up very early and I have my first phone calls already at seven o’clock in the morning. I do work often until one o’clock in the night”, so the hotel heiress. The only thing she wants is “talk people even about her if they am 75”, finally to Paris. Certainly are they. Lisa Walters

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Aamir Khan And Timeless Audrey In Berlin

\”Bollywood and UNICEF join for the children of the world Berlin, 03.05.09: A clown with oversized ears, fibrous mustache overlooking the wild stares into the camera and the word intermission\” appears. Applause breaks up and then the light goes on. This ends the first part of the gala screening of Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par every child is special’ in honor of the 20th anniversary of cooperation of UNICEF, Audrey Hepburn and her 80th birthday. The cinema is filled three quarters and it is obvious that the film like the audience. Maybe we however with the beginning should start as it undeniably one is heard for a good story like ‘Taare Zameen Par’: relative in the short term, better said a week before the news like wildfire through the Internet spread, that there will be a special screening of the film’s would fund at the request of Sean Hepburn Ferrer, the son of Hollywood star and also Chairperson of the Audrey Hepburn children. One is currently until the 10th may very to experience on the occasion of her 80th birthday and just her UNICEF work rewarding exhibition in Berlin’s main station is named Timeless Audrey ( \”To the exhibition, which include many images, film clips, clothes, furnishings, their awards and the scooter from Roman Holiday / a heart and a Crown\” can be said that it is a must for fans and film lovers, contains a piece of time and Hollywood history. And so was the performance of this film, which fits so much to Ms. Hepburn’s commitment to children, just right. In his generally stressed Sean Hepburn Ferrer once again how much the film would have pleased her and how much he was impressed by Aamir Khan. On the way from the hotel to the cinema, he could determine that Mr. Khan a very natural person is not so artificial, like many of his colleagues in Hollywood.

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