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It is advisable to wait at least a week, but better – two of them. Give yourself time to relax, disconnect from the last rhythm of life and gain strength. It is desirable, if possible, to completely change the situation – it would be good to rest somewhere outside the home (a trip to the sea would be ideal). During this time, go slowly old patterns, you will be a fresh look at many things, including job search. Will be an inspiration – and it is very important. Allow yourself to think calmly and decide what you really interesting. What you're interested would do? What are your skills you can apply? How can I do? If you can disconnect from the old stereotypes, it is quite possible, you'll discover something totally unexpected for itself. Quite it is possible that your talents, which for many years waiting for their applications will emerge in full. Do not be afraid of radical change in the field of activity. This is normal. It is simply a departure from established patterns. After all, each and every exceptions sane person wants to work on an interesting paper for him and get a lot of money. So why not try to follow your interest? In this situation, it is helpful to refer to a coach. Coach will you understand yourself, to determine exactly what you want, what you need and how to achieve it. Working with a coach gives consistently good results, lets all spread out "on the shelves," to outline a clear action plan and find resources for implement the plan.

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