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In the direction, of that nothing it will separate in them of the love of Christ (Roman 8:38 – 39). So that a conjunct produces effect is necessary to recognize that God will make Its will. This includes suffering every day provaes, afflictions, illnesses. According to PCRM, who has experience with these questions. The true believer ahead recognizes its weakness of the world, but SHE DEPENDS EXCLUSIVELY ON GOD in contrast of what she says author of the article when saying that ' ' It already took emotional problems, therefore its destination is not to suffer, does not walk more thus, you were not born to be sad and oprimido.' ' Funny and sad in contrast to hear this of believers therefore of this ' ' terrvel' ' declaration of the author Jesus says: ' ' You I have said this, so that in me you have peace; in the world you will have afflictions, but good spirit tends; I won mundo.' ' (Joo 16:33) Another declaration of the author is: ' ' One remembers: the king of pain, the depression, the misery, the life to the costs of third already was looser for Jesus. For this reason you can grow where she stows and in everything what to make, therefore is the proper God who blesses all the workmanships of its mos.' ' First, who spoke that believing it does not pass for affliction, that does not have illness? Pablo was submitted what it called ' ' thorn in carne' ' , and no moment determined or compelled the God removes it, prayed for three times, but God so that Pablo not if ensoberbece said to it: ' ' My favour is enough to you, because the power if perfects in the weakness. Of good will, therefore more I will gloriarei myself in the weaknesses, so that on me the power of Cristo&#039 rests; ' (II Corntios 12:9).

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