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Mystery Pregnancy

The time of the development of the fertilized egg to the new born the pregnancy and natural wonders in our civilized world, which are associated with the legendary “magic of the beginning” are having a baby. As a man in the body of the mother of the embryo when he opens his eyes and when exactly his heart begins to beat to the fetus, it can all break up week after week. Average takes a pregnancy 280 days, counting from the first day of the last period. The fewest children, only four per cent – see the light of the world but exactly to the calculated date. “Preemie” is considered to be a child who will be born before the 37th week of pregnancy. In some cases the child can be also 42 weeks or longer time then the birth is usually medically initiated. Three stages of development between fertilization and birth the course of pregnancy is divided into three phases, known as trimester or quarter. Each trimester is of crucial steps in the development of the child marked: as can be seen already the heartbeat of the embryo on the ultrasound during the first trimester. the second significant movements under the abdominal wall are felt, at the end, the baby absorbs also voices and other impressions from the outside; in the third trimester the child opens the eyelids and the first Vorwehen insert in most women there. Every week a new step using modern medical techniques is now exactly clarified what at what point in the mother’s womb. Also for the expectant mother a lot during this time changed: she has at the top often with fatigue and morning sickness to fight, she feels most balanced in the second trimester, which only later can change with the growing belly. Who wants to know more about it – is experiencing especially prospective parents who want to – follow the development of your child’s see… in detail the changes that happen during any single week of pregnancy.

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