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Saving Energy

Consequently, the use of halogen lamps, your alternator and other engine parts will wear out faster. Conclude: Xenon saves the energy of your car, and also increases the duration of his life! And one word in favor of xenon, it is an interesting fact number 7: Xenon is available to all! This means that today in the car market Xenon kits came at a price which is acceptable to each buyer. And now a little about the lack of xenon. This limited application of the xenon headlights on the roads. It is worth saying that for permit the use of xenon on the roads by car should be installed automatically (and not some other) corrector angle of the headlamps, for lack of blinding oncoming drivers to the effect, and headlight washer. Despite all the advantages of HID headlamps, traffic police have imposed a limit car owners to install HID lights on the front headlights, not to create a dazzling effect of oncoming drivers. For violation of this provision should be brought to administrative responsibility and punishable by a fine. Of the situation: "1. Set in front of the vehicle lighting system with lights red or reflective devices in red, as well as lighting fixtures, lamps and color mode which do not meet the requirements of the Basic Provisions for the admission of vehicles to operate and responsibilities officials to ensure road safety, punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of two thousand five hundred rubles with confiscation of these devices and appliances; on officials persons responsible for the operation of vehicles – from fifteen thousand to twenty thousand rubles with confiscation of these devices and appliances, and on legal entities – from four thousand to five hundred thousand rubles confiscation of these devices and appliances. For the management of such a vehicle, under Part 3 of Article 12.5, citizens are deprived of the right to operate a motor vehicle for a period of six months to one year, warns of traffic police. It also involves the confiscation of these appliances and fixtures. "For these violations, in accordance with Part 2 of Art. 27.13, prohibits operation of the vehicle by removing state registration signs up to eliminate the cause "

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