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WEDA Dammann

WEDA movies show four rearing – remains the most important decision, however, the selection of the correct attitude system which attitude system is best for pregnant sows: the longitudinal trough for small groups, the polling station, or even fishing bays? This issue is investigated in Lutten the complete provider of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp and has documented the results in short films. What technique should I use in my everyday? Which of the farming systems in the waiting area is suitable for my stable? And what fits to the size? These questions can be answered only individually, because the conditions are different. Many investment decisions must be taken however against the background that the new EU directive to group housing in the year 2013, enters into force. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. John Mcdougall has to say. Pig farmers face so now the increasingly complex requirements of bays area, stable soil, air conditioning and lighting conditions. On these and other topics, WEDA has easily the information brochures clause jungle made”and tutti Kompletti groups raising” issued as E-paper for free download under available are. The most important decision, however, remains the choice of the right attitude system. Longitudinal troughs are suitable for smaller groups of carrying sows. Self fishing bays allow for a straightforward attitude, are maintenance-free and easy to use. And who would like to use the complete install from a single source, is an intelligent install management system available with the WEDA polling station. The four short films give an insight into the farming systems and the respective behaviour of pigs. Under interested can get an idea.

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Keeping Of Small Animals

All information about the keeping and care of small animals regardless of whether Guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets: small animals are popular pets throughout the world. Particularly residents of apartments do nothing like as an alternative when keeping a dog or a cat from the landlord is not allowed. Because the position of Kleintieres is allowed in each case. Also in very densely populated parts of the world, such as, for example, Japan, mostly small animals can be found in most households, since the narrow homes for larger animals are not suitable. Some pets are also easier to keep what benefits especially people with little time. But also a Guinea pig should not be neglected. Who is little at home, but still want to keep a small animal, should have at least two animals at the same time. This is recommended anyway, since many small animals pack animals that are developing behavioral attitude without conspecifics. Small animals have the reputation to be suitable for young children. This is but only partly right. Although nothing is However, to use, if small children with an animal is playing at a very young age, but always an adult should be present to show the child how properly to deal with the animal. First, from the age of about 8-10 a private animal for a child years is recommended. But even should be that the animal care is and it is not afflicted in any manner sure. Small animals are also used in modern psychotherapy. Often find depressed people by dealing with the animals new courage to face life and can make it easier to defeat her illness. Of course the use of animals in research is known to anyone, especially rats, mice and Guinea Pigs are popular subjects. This trend but fortunately sharply declined in the past few years thanks to numerous protests by animal rights activists. Although the use of experimental animals in certain areas can hardly avoid, but a trained animal keepers must exist in this case. It cares Therefore, the animals suffer as little as possible. You get pets either in an animal shelter, with the breeder or in the small animal market – like for example Isabella Tonsil

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Animal Rights Activists Defend Themselves Against Accusations

20000 people from Europe are shocked and deportation, future in the laboratory, an illicit trade in dog protest against the system of organized animal cruelty that are the key words with which Italian animal protection organizations repeatedly attempting to prevent aid of European animal welfare associations. Headlines that can track certainly only a purpose to leave the dog thing as a lucrative source of income in the country. Many Italian communities have shelters. Sure there are including single homes carried out responsibly, but other objectives of the majority of the animal shelter operator. These objectives can be but just as consistently traced if there is anyone who accuses the local conditions. The idea is so very close, the municipalities involved with their corresponding control bodies, such as the police, Corpo Forestale, etc., as well as the working veterinarian in this system, with all the benefits arising from it. Get the animal shelter operator depending on the contracts with the appropriate communities between 1 Euro-4 euro / day / dog. “That is to say: an animal shelter” with 1000 dogs up to 4000.-euro / day, averaging 120,000 euros a month, so approx. 1,440,000 euro brings the operator a year. Net income thus increased with reduced feeding, lack of medical care and minimal space. For years, rumors and suspicions about the hidden lucrative trade with dogs from Italian shelters to the vivisection in the Switzerland and Germany are circulating. We document this trade with facts and pictures. Why there is this dog exports? What is really happening? How does the system Canile”? Who deserves it? Documentation of the scandals of the last 18 years. What has brought the animal protection law 281? Animal rights activists are bad for business for the operators of Tierhollen. They are insulted, and covered with malicious insinuations. The aid projects are enormously complicated and the animals the way in a safe home is closed. The animal protection organizations are this accept no more comment. 20’000 people in Europe are shocked and protesting against the system of organized animal cruelty and the enforcement of the animal welfare act L.Q.. 281 of 1991in Italy. Tourism boycott in Apulia. An open letter to authorities of an international campaign for Italian dogs. On the March 4 education will host a Conference in Bari/Italy, organized by CICTO.ORG and other animal welfare organizations such as the paw help Europe (PHE) and respect is supported. Contact to: Stefan Weber Dr. Roland Eichler ber/phe

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Chronic Botulism Finally

The agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) has been around a year intensively with the problem area of chronic Botulism in agricultural holdings agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) for around a year intensively works with the problem area of chronic Botulism in farms. Cows die, fall ill farmers and veterinarians and hardly any of our politicians and offices apparently also showed interest in the action so far. A conference proceedings (150 pages strong) the AVA to the chronic botulism was applied, so far although over 2000 times sent within the country and abroad, but a variety of experts and politicians speak of fear-mongering, nonsense, and nonsense. There is such disorder it is ultimately the inability of farmers to feed cows “.” A tremendous ignorance not only AVA Chief Ernst-Gunther Hellwig, specialist veterinarian and Diplomagraringenieur, says. Is now in the press and on the radio about an affected with chronic botulism Dairy farm in Saxony reported. Not only about 600 dead cows are subject, but also the proven event of people with this disease (Prof. Taylor Zakhar Perez follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Dr. Dirk Dressler, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover). Lawyer Dr. Eberhard Grabow represents the plant manager and want to help other sufferers. High claims for damages would make to the authorities, that so far ignored this disease of chronic botulism, so the lawyer. The free State of Saxony is now calling the nationwide cause clarification by the Friedrich Institute of Loeffler-to get all scientific knowledge and a clear definition of the disease. Only on this basis a diagnosis in the ongoing cattle is possible’, the Saxon Minister of health Christine Clauss, which would also the recording of the factor disease of this Clostridiose in the list of notifiable animal diseases, to financial aid about the animal diseases Fund to the affected farmers to get. Currently missing, but any legal Basis, said the Minister. For about 10 years, there are reports of chronic Botulism in cattle, with some very high loss rates.

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