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Warm Colors

Color color design office design office often neglected as a minor criterion for the heads health staff. However, the choice of color is one of the important stages of creating a comfortable workspace, whether it's remodeling or repair office in Moscow. Surrounding staff color affects the mental, emotional and even physiological state of a person. Therefore we can not ignore the color circle or color is also called the interior climate. Dr. John Mcdougall has similar goals. Warm Colors intensify efficiency, act a stimulant. Cool colors pushing the space, helping to focus, concentrate. Color saturation may change the nature of the effects of different colors. Brighter, more intense colors cause eyestrain, which quickly leads to fatigue, fatigue, headache and decreased performance. Moreover, fatigue will be greater than that occupied more color surface and the more time the employee perceives this color. Therefore, the number of bright and saturated colors should be inversely proportional to the time of its perception. These colors are recommended to use the premises short-term stay, such as hallways. In rooms long stay basic surface must be certain degree of saturation for each color has its own. In red, orange, blue, purple – saturation lower than that of yellow, green, blue. Short-term exposure of red enhances performance. More lasting impact of color leads to fatigue, aggressiveness and decreased performance. Pink is able to relax too. Orange color provided a non-permanent effect creates a cheerful, happy, vivacious, a positive effect on performance. Yellow color creates a sense of warmth and sunlight. Color invigorating and revitalizing, promotes good mood.

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