Sven Fikenzer

In terms of construction and design the training devices differ from partially and one distinguishes two kinds, plate or rocker. A training study conducted at the Charite in Berlin will be presented in the lecture. Here, these different principles (power plate versus Galileo) with regard to the intended effect strength (muscle mass increase, athletic performance) were compared. This took place under standardized experimental conditions and using advanced imaging techniques (MRI) influence of ss-blockade on the endurance performance lecture by Dr. Sven Fikenzer increasingly reach young people in the second decade of life, blood pressure of hypertension stage I (? 140/90 mmHg), is already taken at the drug treatment to lower blood pressure into account.

Hypertension is a persistent increase of in blood pressure in the arterial system and is responsible for a series of organ damage and vascular damage directly or indirectly. A drug target Hypertension therapy is therefore the decrease of the blood pressure. While the choice is with young people mostly on monotherapy, among others Betablockern(ss-Blockern). For hypertension therapy with ss blockers, in particular their frequency and contraction force lowering effect alone plays an essential role. The question arises, how ss-blockers affect the performance of these young, mostly active people. References in this regard are themselves quite contradictory, distinction must be made between the individual motor skills. Summary kardioselektive ss-blockers to make no impact on the hemodynamics of the heart in maximal stress test and in connection with same VO2max values represent no cardiac performance limitation Laktatschwellen and Watts showed in recent research.

The GETUP Congress in a nutshell: GETUP Congress, which takes place on April 23 and 24 in the context of FIBO in Essen, offers a varied program with lectures and panel discussions. On both days, the Congress participants can connect an interesting Congress program with a visit of the FIBO halls. “Forums to the topics exercise, nutrition and management are as much part of the varied programme as best practice concepts and subject area of change management changes making a success of” followed by a discussion. Once again, Congress is rounded off by a comprehensive service package. Congress access access to FIBO-night, the Exhibitor party on Friday, is among other things included in the ticket price. For more information see.

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