Stomach Fat

It thinks, this would make very sensible if we were living in century I because at that time our feeding (at least for the rich people) was much more healthful and greasy of a good point of view. Old the animals also fed themselves better. The people made exercises therefore did not exist cars, TV and they also did not eat wild done candies. Soon, old to be fat person was good, was a signal of health and not of illness. People ' ' above of peso' ' they had more energy, more health, lived more, they had more luck with the opposing sex and more were respected. Moreover nobody was imported very because always it was useless at that difficult time and to lose belly without pain.

Now it thinks: ' ' then because today this moved? ' ' Exactly because of the feeding (and it is clearly, of the media, pra to vender things). While before the food was of good quality without candies and with good fats (almost nothing of Omega 6) today the people eat candies excessively and bad fats excessively. Therefore that they are sick, a good one part for the fat yes only that more for what it is eaten today. This craze of wanting to emagrecer is a new thing, recent studies prove that people above of the weight but with health live more than what lean people excessively or that they do not make musculao exercises. In some countries of Africa the weight in excess still is a status signal. After all, if you are so ' ' cheio' ' , you must have money But as today it is practically impossible to remain fat person with health because the foods are full of bad fats and sugar, is necessary same to make diet and exercises to lose belly or to gain muscles if you same will be lean, for health reason. with everything this is almost impossible to be fat person, therefore that it is healthful to lose belly today, but before it was not so important.

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