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New SCS Schneider GmbH which has Kneipp-Werke GmbH & co. KG their heating system on the site of Ochsenfurt Hohestadt the ECOJET equipped with system of the company SCS Schneider. Thus, the company saves energy around 8%. The Kneipp-Werke GmbH & co. KG is an internationally operating company based in Wurzburg, whose high-quality medicines and dietary supplements as well as grooming and bathroom products enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world.

The company is founded in 1891, feeling even today the Naturopathic heritage of his namesake and co-founder, priest Sebastian Kneipp, obliged. To save energy costs and to make an effective contribution to the protection of the environment, the heating system at the site Ochsenfurt Hohestadt with the ECOJET-high-performance magnet system was equipped of SCS Schneider GmbH. The plant is a steam boiler by Loos, operated with a burner weishaupt. By optimizing, savings are realized with ECOJET of roughly 8 percent. Siegbert Kreidler, head of technology and facility management of the Kneipp-Werke, to: rising energy prices in the market lead to steadily increasing proportions of the total cost. Learn more on the subject from Dr. John Holtsclaw. For business reasons, we are therefore constantly looking for ways to reduce them.

This succeeded with the technical innovation of the SCS Schneider GmbH. Here we make also still an active contribution to environmental protection, by we reduce CO2 emissions.\” That save energy with magnetic systems, how does? The Swiss physicist Felix Bloch, a student of Werner Heisenberg, who immigrated during the second world war in the United States and worked at the famous Stanford University and taught, laid the foundation stone for this method. in 1946 he discovered Bloch with the help of two colleagues who is in 1952 received nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance) to examine the effect of magnetic force on molecules for this discovery together with Edward M. Purcell the Nobel Prize for physics.

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