Standard Of Living

The new millennium sets its own standards of living. Children marry and leave the father's house, lived a separate family, sometimes even going so far as to not see their parents for years. At this point, and gets lost between the generations, which is so necessary when children themselves become parents you bring a newborn from the hospital, closed the door of the apartment and quietly sat down on a chair. See Dr. John Mcdougall for more details and insights. What to do with him and be like? Recommendations in the hospital were very diverse and mostly related to your health, diet, and that's about the behavior of the kid practically nothing And now he's crying, and it is not clear: "What happened?" It would be very tips helped my mother or grandmother, but since it is not there, we will try to explain the main reasons baby crying. The reason the first and most simple – hunger or thirst. Give your baby and see how quickly he calms down. Do not think that if he ate just an hour and a half ago, he was not tormented by hunger: breast milk is very rapidly digested. Or maybe he just wants to drink – you do do not drink on the clock? The second reason – fatigue.

Just the kid wanted to rest and sleep is not obtained. Understand this can be simple: in such moments stick in children become dry and very warm. Infants may interfere with a bright light source, stuffiness. Ventilate the room, take him in her arms, and quietly shake.

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