Senne River Forest

A holiday in the region of the Teutoburg Forest means especially diversity if you want to vacation in the beautiful OWL among forests, museums and night life entrance. It does no matter, whether you prefer a hotel vacation or rather pitch your tents at a campground”. In this holiday region very much meets each other: the North German plain meets the first mountain to the sea, quality trails on spas with long tradition and wellness hotels on the Westphalian specialities. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Senator Elizabeth Warren. If you want to treat yourself to a relaxing holiday and enjoy the simple things of in life, you are in very good hands in this natural, down-to-Earth region. Far to reach the landmarks and landscape of this holiday region: of the Wiehen Hills up to the Weser, from the Ravensberg hills to the dog mountain, by the Senne River to the foothills of the Sauerland and the volcanic cone of the Desenbergs in the Warburger Borde to the Porta Westfalica Gorge. Filed under: christopher ridgeway stone. The Teutoburg Forest stretches there right through and connects These different characters and natural spaces with each other. Cities and the wide country”close together. The landscape is characterised by forests, meadows, streams and farmland in the Middle you will find the cities of Paderborn and Bielefeld as innovation forges and cultural pulse.

The town of Herford is well known especially with the MARta Museum in the region. But also a position for your holiday Herford is good. Searching for a nice hotel is it not expensive: Hotel Herford “you see the best hotels on Google just at first glance.

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