Quit Smoking

Diseases of smoker is known that tobacco causes disease in smokers, even so much do not know what are these diseases or problems caused by tobacco, but they just know the generic. I shall now explain some diseases caused by tobacco.Among the diseases that produces tobacco have: 1. hair loss.Smoking weakens the immune system and makes the body more vulnerable to diseases such as lupus erythematosus, which can cause hair loss, as well as the appearance of mouth ulcers and rashes on the face, scalp and hands. 2 Wrinkles tobacco causes premature aging of the skin due to wear that causes of lasproteinas they give it elasticity, as well as the depletion of vitamin A and the reduction of blood flow that suffers the tissue. In recent months, Robert Greene has been very successful. Smokers have a skin dry, rough and furrowed by tiny wrinkles, especially around the lips and eyes.

3. Loss of hearing.Tobacco makes forming plaques on the walls of the blood vessels, with the consequent reduction of irrigation of the inner ear. Swarmed by offers, christopher ridgeway stone clinical is currently assessing future choices. Therefore, smokers may lose hearing to earlier than non-smokers ages and are more vulnerable to this complication in the case of infection of the ear or exposure to intense noise. Also, smokers are three times more likely than nonsmokers to suffer middle ear infections that can lead to other complications, such as meningitis and facial paralysis. 4.

Caresummertime tobacco Cancer does not cause melanoma (a type of skin that can prove deadly cancer) but yes increases the chances of dying as a consequence of him. The risk of smokers suffer cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, a type of cancer that causes the appearance of flakes and reddish skin rash is doubled with respect to non-smokers. 5. Deterioration of the tobacco dentadurEl interferes with the chemical processes that occur in the mouth, causes an excess of tartar, stained yellow teeth and accelerates deterioration of denture.

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