Preventing Stretch Marks

A problem not only for women. There are many moments in the life of people, both men and women, which is likely to stretch marks from appearing, and is at the moment in which steps must be taken to prevent the occurrence of these scars. To understand how to prevent this from occurring, you must first understand how these scars occur. The elasticity of the skin can be adapted to slow in its body size changes, but when the body size changes dramatically and the pace of transformation exceeds the capacity of elasticity, the skin undergoes small tears on the surface. These tears lead to scars or stretch marks. Anyone can get these scars commonly during the time of your life in which resizes its body drastically by weight loss associated with an extreme diet, weight gain during pregnancy or loss of weight after childbirth, even in children and adolescents in its period of growth, bodybuilding and many other causes. The key to preventing the appearance of stretch marks is to do everything possible to moderate the gain or loss of weight.

Some periods of growth may not be under their control, such as outbreaks of growth and some like gain weight during pregnancy, but others can be handled with care. In addition, you can try to increase the elasticity of the skin. Drink more water during these periods of life, when it is most susceptible to stretch marks, it can help a lot to prevent scars. In the same vein, you can increase the intake of foods with high water content, such as watermelon, while decreasing your consumption of foods and beverages that are deshidratantes by nature, as products with caffeine. There are some products on the market designed to reduce the risk of scarring on the skin extension. These often contain natural vitamins, minerals and oils, and many include other ingredients such as cocoa butter or Shea butter. If you already have this problem I recommend you to see the program remove stretch marks, of Doctor Guillermo Montanari.

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