Peter Zickenrott

Peter Zickenrott helps many young people to its retirement retirement expert Peter Zickenrott from Waldshut knows all the secrets. Now he reveals complaints, the unsuitability verprechen – and which bring nothing: 1 orthopaedic defects: one leg is more than 2.5 centimeters shorter than the other? The clear phasing-out. Patrick matthews: the source for more info. Problem: Either it is so or not. That’s all a precisely defined and verifiable. “Actors and courtesy clearances not help also, the translation doctor can measure everything and x-ray.” 2.

allergies or asthma your argument: pollen allergy. The answer: basic military service on rates. Convening in October pollen-free, release in March, further recovery in the autumn. Alternative: chronic asthma. The best thing would be a food allergy, as against nuts and celery. Cheating is difficult: there are allergy tests.

3. bad listen or look bad there is taken for a ride, what keeps this stuff. But: “seven diopters should be already there, if it is to work.” And cheat at the Hearing test? “Some think that they are classified as hard of hearing when they press the button late. However, there are almost no cases in which one sound across bad across all frequencies. Mostly a certain area is affected only.” Is the doctor in case of doubt he reviewed the test simply: no one can remember what for a frequency he consciously later has pressed the button. Especially since the doctor the sequence of sounds so how he can change. Result: completely different evaluation curves, which spits out the test device. Caught! 4. nocturnal enuresis can thus be already since generations pattern from Wehrunwillige. However, no other disease, which you so sure ensure that all red simulation suspicion lamps will Flash at the sampling doctor does exist. “Without a certificate that you have been treated times when German armed forces was still not an issue, anything goes.” A maximum of pity – but who wants that already trust. 5. the real opportunity carries depression or anxiety it is! “Everyone takes even different true and this view can tell his doctors.” The critical specialist is convinced he know his belief in a certificate write down. Patterning doctors not often defend themselves because they know: A rebuttal is very difficult. 6 teeth and brackets because of the high cost of dental problems were once thought to as a secret tip. They are but not a reason for a phasing-out – unless you are so disfigured or unable to absorb food so that she cannot be digested properly. A tooth clip is more than one reason for a deferral. Depends so completely, how long you want to wear it.

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