Mutually Exclusive

Before you love another person there to love oneself. This conclusion is derived from considering what love is. That feeling is devotion in soul and in body toward someone often. When you’re in love you and try to give the best of you to be loved. Sacas unknown virtues, you go back you, romantic poet, Insomniac. You fighters every good thing which is in you, even you overcome and you become someone better. And deliveries everything good you have in you as soon as possible.

But what would happen if not love yourself, if you don’t find anything valuable in yourself. You should not then nothing to deliver, this need not never wake you. And therefore you’d be unable to love others if not first love yourself. However, love leads to the shedding of all personal interest. The beloved person becomes one of the most important things in the world. He could become the most important reason to reawaken every day. Being loved is the inspiration, the reason, sigh, the energy that invigorates the soul. When you’re in love with truth you can come to neglect your personal affairs. The Laws of Human Nature has much experience in this field.

Love can even reaching sacrifice. You reach the moment in which do you care, only persecuting the spiritual union with the best person you’ve ever met. Your virtues come to be indifferent, as well as nor you imported the defects of the beloved person. All it is virtue, and you still miss his faults. You can not be in love with oneself and still love to someone else. The love of self is absorbent, competitive, jealous. The love of self is filled with pride. Puts oneself above any other thing or person. Therefore, no other be this world seems really worthy of our sincere interest. I.e. us becomes impossible to live love. Lovers who first and foremost love themselves only are able to become obsessed with the other person. They might pursue if it were another whim to please his selfishness. They are not more in the search for something to envy, they want, they want to with all the strength of his personal interest; but who does not love. They are capable of breaking damage or destroy it by such that not belongs to nobody more. Not interested in the happiness of being persecuted. They aspire to catch him to put it in captivity. Only interested in complacency personal reach an object seen shine and fly free. The person in love with itself feels jealous and full of fear of not being reciprocated. The being of his frenzy is nothing more than be a desirable property rather than offering to his true love: herself. The person who loves Yes expected to be reciprocated. But if that is impossible, the person who truly loves still is happy. It is filled with healthy satisfaction to see his beloved be blessed. Just waiting for well you and the only thing regret is not having closer to love him even more. Who really loves, does not damage but it protects. Not the snub it curses but that he understands this. And whether or not his unrequited affection, lives one of the most beautiful experiences of which man is capable.

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