Marcapasso And Arritmias

What she is bradicardia? Which the indication of the implantation of marcapasso? The heart all loads the blood for the organism. To make to function this mechanism it beats in a frequency of 50 the 100 beatings per minute. This system can suffer disfuno, what cause a reduction in the frequency per minute. It is for treating this type of arrhythmia that exists marcapasso. This arrhythmia, that if calls bradicardia, can have the following causes: – Age – Illness of Chagas – atrial Fibrilao – Use of medications – Illnesses of the coronary arteries – Injury of the electrical system of the heart for surgeries – congenital Cardiopathies (errors of formation in the heart of the baby during the pregnancy) Which the symptoms of the bradicardia? The symptoms most common of the bradicardia are air weakness, fatigue, lack, pain in the chest, collapses, loss of memory, loss of will, giddiness, badly to be. Aged they can diminish the daily activity to the few, to diminish the symptoms. Then one velhinho speaks that it does not feel nothing, but if you to insist it will say that she left to go to the gymnastics of the aged ones or stopped to play bocha because of the fatigue. He is frequent also not to notice the gradual loss of memory, or not to say this for the family or the doctor for shame.

Unhappyly, the illness is each worse time with the time, and heart is not more trustworthy, as a wiring of an old house that, if not fixed in time, eventually goes to stop to function. This situation can evolve for the total forecourt-ventricular blockade, that one is prepared cardiac one. Marcapasso was invented to treat the bradicardia, and to control the symptoms of cardiac disfuno and to prevent the death for cardiac arrest (sudden death). Of that marcapasso is made? The components of marcapasso are: – One or more handle-electrodes – a generator of pulses the electrodes resemble it wires leading the electric chain of the generator until the heart. How it is the surgery of implantation of marcapasso? The electrodes are located in the veins between the thorax and the neck and taken until the heart to treat the arrhythmia. The generator of marcapasso is implanted in this region between the shoulder and the neck, in a small incision in the fabric subcutaneous (below of the skin). Currently it has so miniature marcapassos that they only weigh 12 grams. The surgery for implantation of marcapasso lasts around 1 the 2 hours and is carried through with local anesthesia, being able or not to receive sedao. The high one after happens the 24 48 hours of the surgery of implantation of marcapasso.

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