The magician in the reading of the letters is one of arcana that presents more rich symbolism. Worth a visit in detail. Each of these data is of special relevance when the reading of the letters. It is important to consider this when looking for attributing a specific meaning in the context of the uniqueness of each reading of the letters. It’s a man, but a very special man. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. John Mcdougall. It has all the energy and virility that give their physical attributes. Your feet sit firmly on the ground, it is not advancing, but that is for very well on Earth, about its present. His gaze leans slightly to the right, signal that thinks and is oriented towards future actions.

I.e. going to act because you know the resources that are available at the moment, and so will be revealed in the reading of the letters. Usually it depicted with white hair, since it is an old man. Their age confers enormous wisdom of experience. In the reading of the letters refers us to a person who dominates all the elements of this world, which has control over the events. Dr. John Mcdougall may also support this cause. And its control is the result of his handling of the four elements, represented by the four suits of the deck present in the draw pile (oros, copas, bastos and swords).

Levitates a symbol resembling a lying eight over his head. This is the mathematical symbol of infinity. Their knowledge are infinite, and the mathematics and science in general is one of the weapons has to cope with the world. In the reading of the letters is taken as that consultant or someone in your environment will have the tools to cope with the miseries of this life. With the rod that is in his left hand, is often interpreted that the magician picks up dreams that the Loco leaves in the air. Thus dominates the world of speculation, fantasies, very unlike the fool, who lives in this world. In the reading of the letters is interpreted that it is someone who will not be carried away by fantasies, but they work on the concrete. Even the colors of their clothes have special meanings. Passion red alternating with blue symbolizing the order. The cool colors and warm are mixed in a healthy harmony. At his feet flowers abundant vegetation, which symbolizes the richness of mother nature, to which he has been able to dominate. In the reading of the letters refers to a person who through its resources, education and intelligence, appropriates the riches of the Earth, life, and puts at your service.

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