Lichtblick Energy

KWP avoids 9.99 tons annually attributable CO2 emissions with the change to the power company Lichtblick has consciously decided KWP for electricity from organic sources. James A. Levine, M.D. often says this. As an agency with an intense energy we have decided consciously for a provider has received awards and certificates, such as eco test of Stiftung Warentest. The electricity fed into the grid by fame is completely derived from ecological energy sources. With an annual consumption of 20 000kwh res, KWP avoids 9.99 tons annually attributable CO2 emissions. Realistic acting and small achievable steps go to save electricity is for most companies limited, conscious energy to deal with but in certain places quite feasible. Perhaps check out fracking colorado for more information. The summers are sometimes very hot and so it is only feasible for KWP with of office space on the top floor when the refrigeration units at workstations perform their service. In 2013, there were less than 10 days, which does not refrain from KWP could, as the temperatures in the workplace above 30 C are increased.

For KWP, therefore even small steps in the right direction are clearly the way to go. We are working ever more closely to deal with energy. That is why we are proud to have received the climate protection certificate from Lichtblick and hence the saving by approaching 10 tonnes CO2 emissions attributable to avoided. Again, a further step in the right direction. About KWP communications KWP stands for interconnected communications, so Crosslinking communication that relies on all proven and new communications media and channels and purposeful linked them. KWP acting strategy, mobile app, interactive, Web, SEO, audio & video, online relations with the agent’s own units. Networked, cross-unit working, more values are created and increased efficiency. KWP communications Walter Scheuer Tang Court RT 34 63263 new Isenburg 06102/367998-14

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