It Is A Healthy Exercise In Fasting?

It is a healthy exercise in fasting? Some research suggests that certain cardiovascular exercises practiced in fasting occasionally trigger the Elimination of the extra fat. Others point out that when the trainings are carried out without eating, the level of low intensity and the exercise doesn’t work as well for fat burning. For assistance, try visiting Dr. John Mcdougall. Even others say that exercise in fasting causes the decrease in muscle mass. Benefits: The basic reason why people do cardio in the morning is to burn fats is done quickly, since the body is working with low levels of carbohydrates. If food you eat before exercise, the body will be saturated with glycogen, which means that you will have to work for a longer time period before being able to burn fat. This idea works for all workouts, not just cardio in the morning. Exercise in the morning has greater benefits because the body has used all glycogen during the night, then the muscle turns to fat reserve to produce energy.

Disadvantages: maybe not become exercises with the same efficiency since the body does not have enough energy, the first few times, it is possible to feel dizziness and in recurring cases collapse hypoglycemia. Myths: There are some myths as it is that you can train intensely without eating, which is false because having little energy in the body, exercise may not be practiced by long hours of time. Some people think that work in a State of fasting, contributes to the intense exercise since the body enters emergency mode with no power source, believed then that body passed to one higher speed to give you the extra energy you need to complete the exercise. For the training in fasting must dine well last night to have reserves of energy and not faint during exercise, sometimes eat fruit such as Apple or banana to have a bit of strength in the day. Exercise in fasting should not become usual, recommended only sometimes when there is excess of fat

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