This does not mean that they lack purpose, but are not totally flurry by the traditional notion of utility. The manifesto of this specialty in sports education dictionary offers us some ideas about the ritual and symbolic meaning of sport, which constitute an interesting point of view and are essential to understand the concept of sport which includes a new anthropological approach from the social and cultural point of view. As a source of health, such as exhaust valve, as flattering of relations with friends, as element of education trainer of character, and as entertainment and adventure of personal in order to know which of these meanings have higher penetration among the population. From the perspective of the Sociology, Garcia Ferrando (1990: 30-31) 3 provides some conclusions about the evolution of the concept of sport: the renewal of the rules and the rules of the oldest international sports federations, the emergence of new sports, the search for new forms of self-expression, among others, endorse the thesis of changing character of contemporary sports, and advise understand broad and flexibly, in such a way that they can incorporate into what we understand sport sport activities or even dreamed those English Knights that spread in the 19th century by the world the idea of fair play and the Organization of amateur sports club. A_partir_de these assumptions, summarizes later Garcia Ferrando (1990-31) four points for a definition of the sport concept: 1) is a human physical and intellectual activity. (2) Of competitive nature. (3) Governed by rules. (4) Institutionalization of the activity.

For our research, have already said above, that the consideration of the sport is fundamental in its playful dimension. The sport is primarily game. Training sport the sport pedagogy, classified as an educational process aimed at multilateral formation of the person, from the physical point of view functional, motor, psychological, cognitive and moral.

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