Hold Accountable For Energy Wasters?

Coming after the laws to protect of the environment soon the protection of resources? If someone had told 20 years ago, that you for * s throw away garbage be punished can, would he probably laughed was. If laws against pollution would be requested 30 years ago, the call as left spinning would have been dismissed. Who today harms the environment by waste, is not punished yet, but the signs that there is growing. Who consumed much gasoline, pay more car tax, the obligation for the top floor ceiling insulation is already there, even as a toothless tiger without sanctions. How long will it take until owners are pulled from homes and buildings for not efficient home technology, falling below minimum standards at the thermal insulation to the account? When will the next step be? In the 6-part series to Imbeds in the House it is today the exterior wall, but this time with special design solutions. Insulation of balconies and Winter Garden: is to be expected, because inside a levels education retrofit insulation in this area frequently and outside different requirements for thermal protection. The use of vacuum insulation panels, with 2 cm of this insulation 15-20 cm can easily replace a conventional insulation can help. They consist of a porous core material and a high density shell, where a vacuum has been achieved.

Thin air layers in filter-feeding bivalve masonry: again and again it happens that twofamily houses only have very small air layers in the wall. Nevertheless, this area must be contained because more insulation measures through the existing ventilation from the outside will not work. Aerogels, very expensive but highly heat-insulating free flowing material are a possibility here. The mineral material achieves the good insulating properties by his air voids lying in the nano field and is injected into the hollow layer. Insulation of the roller shutter boxes: non-insulated Roller shutter boxes are a weak point in every home and a good way to improve the energy balance of the building quickly and inexpensively.

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