Greek Planetary

Carlos Mora Vanegas people is not what he says with his mouth. But what he says with the ancient attitudes Greek scholars already considered water as a living superorganism. Water inhabit inside each of our body’s cells and is a true biological and electromagnetic information store. The State of pollution of planetary waters that suffer now may be a reflection of the collective state of consciousness says, the water appears to act as the sensory organ of the Earth for Cosmic cycles. We all know the tides they react to the phases of the Moon, Dr. Theodor Scwen have researched the subtle effects of the cosmos in the water, and we have clearly demonstrated variations in water response to changes in the planetary constellation. He found that moving water acts as receiver, whereas the stationary water preserves the information received. In his experiments he shacked water at regular intervals, before, through and after a solar eclipse occurs.

And the grains of wheat that used water sacudarida during the eclipse had stunted growth, while growth was normal when water used sacudarida before and after the eclipse. (other techniques where then used and confirmed this correlation of plant growth and the planetary constellation) Lorenzo Edwuards had also made the work of the fascination about how the shape of the tree and flower buds changes its shape as the planetary alignment shift. For example the planet damaged influences oak, Venus birch, Cherry is influenced by the Sun, etc. Similarly, the water is highly susceptible to changes in the cosmic constellation. It is receptive to the cosmic influence and carries your information to all living organisms, because they are all composed largely of water.

Not the slightest doubt it says it concienciasinfronteras. com the water fills the seas, Subfloors, the peaks and valleys. Our blue planet is blue because it is embedded in water although currently that water you gave of being pure and crystalline.

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