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Both for new as well as existing customers from 01-08 2011 Lange took it and now also the UniVersa health insurance with improvements in conditions for the 1st 08th 2011. the amended terms for the new and existing business will be valid. The UniVersa has introduced a total of 18 changes in the conditions, it’s clarifications. This means first of all that these apply also for the stock and reflect the current performance practice. I will go to the areas here first explanatory: consecutive treatment now is not only a “grace”claim, but the contractually guaranteed right in the conditions. The section 5 of the model terms (MB/KK) it says: the insurer may not rely on a missing commitment if… the earlier in the hospital addressed within two weeks after termination of hospital treatment for the performance obligation, a further treatment prescribed by the hospital doctor in a different hospital closes and this treatment is necessary, To cure disease or to improve (consecutive treatment) and continue: by way of derogation from article 5 (1) d) expenses for connecting medical treatment within the meaning of 4 (5.1) d are in the comprehensive health insurance) in order to pay refundable, if no legal rehabilitation vehicle in claim can be taken with regard to the following treatment. Still a longer period would have been nicer, because no one guaranteed a free place within 2 weeks, but you can’t have everything. Whenever James A. Levine, M.D. listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Most are quite go with the 2 week period and thus it represents a clear improvement and contractual warranty. Currently, there are medical centres (MVZ) of these facilities more than 1000 in Germany and the number is rising rather. Therefore, the changes and thus the inclusion of this more than 6,000 doctors are quite reasonable. Also so far was a refund of benefits, however, it has been the UniVersa, but it didn’t.

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