Fleas In The Dog And Cat Successfully Fight

Cat, dog, or human flea, who has him is never happy. How you can effectively fight fleas. Especially dogs and cats are affected by the tiresome issue fleas. In their fur the fleas find a cozy spot, they can wreak havoc. But this danger not only for the animal, but such pathogens can be transferred to humans.

The cat fleas is very widespread. The flea bite alone is very unpleasant, but the danger of pathogens, such as for example a tapeworm, surpasses the scale yet. Flea larvae can nest unnoticed in textiles, carpets and cracks and unnoticed so long, until they find a host. This is a dog or a cat, they jump on the. Flea females survive in only three weeks, but already in this short period of time can put over 2000 eggs in their victim’s skin, which spread in the environment through the fall. If a pet of fleas is infected, can be recognized small Flea feces pellets which are deposited in the skin.

The fleas themselves are tiny, black or Brown, and very fast. Commercially available flea repellents is mostly ambient sprays, powders for the coat or flea collar. Care for man and animal is but especially in the environment of sprays and powder. Animals lick is, like, in the coat and the substances could cause poisoning. The environment sprays applied after thorough vacuuming carpets, floors and textiles and objects. So be a sprayed the rooms and should be also closed during the exposure time and unused. Following a thorough ventilation is required. Also the new suction is recommended, as dead fleas may have settled down. It is best to treat the animal by a veterinarian. This can also inspect a disease and may perform a Vermifuge. So, the evil at the root is packed. “Even if the animal again clean” is, you should be in the next few days regularly vacuum the apartment and the car. Also the washing of textiles at high temperature is recommended to make sure. Steam cleaners are also a good way of cleaning. For the animal itself, the holder can get but medicines or drops that are inserted directly into the fur. These remedies are more effective than flea collars, powders and spray, that have only a moderate success and represent dangers. Fleas can be made barren by a special medicine for animals, which is recorded once per month on food. Also an exterminator is an alternative. He has funds available, which interrupt the flea larvae development. Sten Koppe photo: swirus 71 / sxc.hu

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