General information about the facelift with details on risks associated with surgery. More and more people are already to undergo for a younger appearance of plastic surgery. In the last few years, in particular the facelift is needed, which is also known as facelift or Rhytidectomy. The argument for such an operation is often strong desire for a youthful appearance. Especially more and more younger people are willing to put under the knife and take the rather costly investment in purchasing. While any prospect for a facelift in advance should check thoroughly the entire intervention. Because it is an operation there are risks for the patient. Especially since surgery is not always advisable.

The motivations of the patient play an especially important role particularly in the preliminary with the surgeon. With different cuts, the skin should be tightened during a face lift. The desired result is a young appearance. A few years ago saw the results such operations still quite artificial”from. Plastic surgery made many advances, but in the last years which is reflected in better treatment outcomes. Risks of face lift can be especially secondary bleeding, swelling and numbness.

It is especially bad when the patient is satisfied after surgery not with the result. Therefore, it should thoroughly inform yourself interested in a facelift in advance and hire only qualified specialists with plastic surgery. Qualified doctors ask already in the preliminary in detail the motivations of such surgery. Often, such an intervention can be averted. The psychological factor should not be ignored. Many people opt for such an operation from a complete despair in combination with a very low self-confidence.

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