Energy URCCI

Looking in the mirror, sadly, many women with little notice footprints experienced events and emotions, 'Sunbeam' around the eyes, wrinkles in the lips – traces of happy moments, full of smiles and laughter wrinkles on the forehead – Witnesses of sadness and anger. "Nothing we do not as old as the years' – the sages. However, in this age of high-tech women get a unique opportunity to look 10-15 years younger. How? Using nanokosmetiku URCCI, the proposed by Batel! Nanotechnology – a way of manipulating nanoparticles. To penetrate into the skin, cosmetic substances to pass through the intercellular spaces, and it is not easy. Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke with conviction. The use of nanotechnology can deliver active ingredients not only in the epidermis, but also to the cells of the deeper layers of the skin that helps restore the natural energy balance of skin cells, strengthen their immunity and vitality.

Nanocomplexes contain nano-sized crushed to biologically active substances, each of which is delivered at a specific quantity of well-defined layers of the skin at certain times. A nanometer – a one-billionth of a meter. The essence of nanotechnology lies in the fact that biologically active substances are placed in special vesicles (hollow spheres) – nanosomy, and various nanosomy containing trace elements and vitamins combined into a special system – nanocomplexes. The composition of cosmetics nanocomplexes URCCI include dozens of essential skin components. They act like a sponge, holding the active ingredients and vitamins, are they looking for immediately and release only at the cellular level, where the cells are in need of these materials.

Nanocomplexes, with a two-tier system outside of the skin, immediately after applying cosmetics, penetrates the skin and turn into a three-dimensional structure, forming a 'grid'. This leads to wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, binding free radicals and protect skin. This strategy is called 'Express Care', which meant to receive instant results. Nanokosmetika URCCI effectively removes toxins from the deeper layers of skin. This allows not only surface cleaning and feeding of the epidermis (which is typical for traditional cosmetics), but also of influencing the horny, granular, prickly skin layers. It is obvious that the cosmetic products created using nanotechnology, including and nanokosmetika URCCI, have significant advantage over traditional cosmetics and can provide much better the following processes: – run the natural processes of cellular regeneration – restoring the skin's structure and Energy balance – to strengthen the defenses of the skin – to intensify the natural resources of the skin – to promote lymphatic drainage, toxins and radicals. To preserve and extend the youth of your skin, we offer a 'system of daily skin care URCCI' and 'System of VIP-mature skin URCCI'. Trust the professional nanokosmetike URCCI and feel younger by several years!

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