Energy Chi Kung

If you do plans for a year, sow rice. If you make them for two years, plant trees. If you do them for a lifetime, educate a person. Everything that manifests in this dimension is energy that is transformed to sane to the use that it becomes and gives way to vibrations that generate magnetic fields that must know what leverage based on the proper use of power favouring us in everything. We should worry that holds our physical body, your energy, and this is manifested above all how to use it properly. Know that all movement of our body inevitably also creates movement of the vital energy that composes it, this leads to a redistribution of the same allowing balance it provided exercises are been selected correctly, otherwise this can unbalance more even energy distribution of the organism.Either it strength, resistance, speed, flexibility or coordination must be perfectly indicated and carried out correctly with the dosage suitable for expect results, allowing the circulation of energy by the meridians. Indeed, on this issue, has written, that one cannot deny that the universe is in a State of vibration, everything that vibrates has effects, energy that must know how to use.

Everything is energy which leads to vibrations that we must know how to handle for our health, actions favouring us, every movement we make energy occurs and must be handled so as we promote. . Knowing identify ourselves with our energy, vibrations that derive from it we can achieve positive results. Fortunately civilizations as the East, especially China, give us very important lessons in pro’s know how to properly manage our energy, be aware of them, know it use to optimize favourable outcomes while it is active. Thus we have the Chi Kung (Qi Gong) which is drawn, is a method of exercise of Chinese origin which relies on movements or positions static that are accompanied with breathing techniques while maintaining a deep state of meditation during the execution.