Deadlift Repetitions

To increase muscle mass, without any risk to our health, there are several factors to keep in mind: the diet is very important to follow: no, you should restrict any food, be careful with fat intake, eat sparingly and preferably not saturated. The bases of power should be carbohydrates, proteins cooked in a healthy way (not fried), legumes vegetables. You must consume at least 3000 calories a day. The interest of this article is to introduce a training base to increase your muscle mass this is a basic routine for six months: 1 – deep Deadlift begins with a batch of 4 repetitions and see gradually increasing up to 15 repetitions per batch. 2.

Fixed bar lifting of 3 batches (abdominal) legs hang by 15 repetitions. 3 Push lying in straight banking with bar (chest) begins with two repetitions until you reach 15 per batch. 4 Lifting of the loaded bar on the floor dead weight, lift it up to the waist, placed the burden that you think can withstand without overloading you, and see gradually increasing weight. 5 Stationary, grasp the bar from brackets and lift the weight above your head to extend the arms begins with six repetitions, until reaching 15 6 – rowing with bar charged, lift it up from the floor and in that position bring it up to your waist performs the movement begins with repetitions until you reach 15 per batch. You must go slowly, not sobreentrene concentrate on the muscle you are working. Remember drink water, plenty of water (between one and three liters per day) between meals and during workouts. Resting, sleeping at least 8 hours a day, this allows you to relax your muscles, recover your strength to move forward..

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