Control People

Why the nutritional knowledge of our time more harm than uses. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Trier/Frankfurt book fair 2013. Learn more at this site: Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Anyone who wants to bring products or services among the people must generate profits. The higher the better. Because only those able to reinvest profits, also has the chance to be part of the competition. According to this principle, our free economic system works.

That’s why we today also face the dilemma of having to choose from an unspeakable flood of eating and drinking. This eternal force of profit maximization has bestowed on us an always unverdaulicheres – in biochemical sense – nutrition mess over the decades. The industry is to advertise not tired products, which benefits is more than questionable. Long is produced on demand. In fact it comes only to assert itself against the competition. Against this background is clearly then also quickly, that even our current nutrition knowledge to a large extent must be the result of economic interests, not to say the result of targeted commercial Control.

“Also, this explains why even what is today the people generally as healthy diet” is raised, not all beneficial to Digest has long been. To the beneficial exploitation of so-called full-value product – you are highlighted particularly healthy always as a whole – are powerful digestive organs a must logically. But this basic anatomical condition is actually aware of only the few. Particularly since the far too theoretical nutrition knowledge of our time not really considered such elementary requirements. So it hurts (more often) more than it uses. Without powerful digestive organs can hardly carefully close up the rich ingredients of this full-value product. But just as it is possible that this rich content can indeed unfold its beneficial effect in the blood (metabolism). But succeeding with fewer and fewer people. But this little wonder! Already from infancy the modern prosperity of citizens is more than abundant food supply available.